Monday, 3 January 2011

Indentured servants of the State

This house costs £60K built. Then the Government gets involved...

I notice with dismay this morning that Grant Shapps is to meddle with the housing market.

there are policies that the Government can introduce which can influence the market, such as those affecting the housing supply, the way mortgages operate and how people invest their money.
When will our Lords and masters realise that it is only when Government interferes that the problems begin?

Every housing boom and bust has been caused by the State, desperate to win more votes or desperate to redistribute your earnings to those who have not earned them. Our housing shortage is caused by numerous reasons, amongst them:

Social housing sold cheap to tenants by the million - and what did they do after buying their council properties? sold them and fucked off to villas in Spain whilst retaining the right to benefits.

Immigration - All very well opening up the borders to all those who seek to be fed, clothed and housed at no cost in the land of milk and honey but what if you don't have the housing you promised?

Bank bailouts - Banks were able to inflate house prices (and their profits) by Government introduced regulation that simply stopped them from going bust, using our money to do it. Any idiot could demand a mortgage, no reference was made to the ability to repay and our books are now full of worthless properties in the US, sold to the unemployable and passed off to us, the taxpayer as toxic debt for our grandchildren to pay off.

Planning laws - 160,000 families own 37 million acres of the UK whilst 16 million homeowners manage on just 2.8 million acres. £5000 an acre for land, £1 MILLION an acre for land with planning consent from the state.

We are not full. There is plenty of land but all of it is held captive by the State to maintain an artificial wealth that most will use to fund their own pensions, even though having paid the state to provide one for them.

I can build a house for £20,000, the sum most first time buyers will need to raise before they can now obtain a mortgage of £180,000 to purchase their first property. In all, they will repay close to £400,000 to banks to buy a house worth £20,000. they will have to pay income tax on that money, so in all, a £20K house will end up costing them £600,000 and a lifetimes debt to achieve. that is truly indentured labour to the banks and the State. Paying through the nose, a lifetime long to the plantation owner for the privilege of being a slave.

Get out of the housing market, Mr Shapps, it is killing us. I fully understand I can never afford a 6 bed property in Mayfair. Nobody taught me this and I understand what is required to get one if I require one - hard work, risk, sacrifice and brains. Why is Swindon so different?

UPDATE: The State of Hungary took over the presidency of the EU three days ago. Today, it has siezed all private pensions of Hungarian citizens. You were warned

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