Tuesday, 11 January 2011

the Health Monopoly

I notice that calls are going out for the State to seize all flu vaccinations and ban those who have money from buying an inoculation with their own money.

I really had hoped for something better when we threw out the authoritarian regime in May. It now appears that stop and search is to be reintroduced, the Police are out of control (still), MPs are still lying thieving shits and most of what we earn is wrenched from our wallets by force to support those who simply refuse to work.

My blogging has been light because frankly, my Patience has worn thin with the same headlines that I was spitting bile at 12 months ago. Unions and vested interest groups are screaming that without my money, there will not be enough Diversity Coordinators to go around, the feckless are still demanding that Nanny tucks them up in bed wipes their arses for them, the electorate are still screaming for useless "public services" even though it will put their children onto bonded labour to pay for it.

It isn't changing. Nothing is changing. It is now only politicians, with the law and their guns against us, people who simply wish to be left alone.

As the above headline proves, wanting to be left alone by the State is likely to made a crime by the State. God help us all.

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