Thursday, 20 January 2011

Fat fighters

I see that peculiarly British religion, the NHS is about to come in for a rough time.

I am no great fan, I must admit. If the system was so fantastic then surely richer and poorer nations than us would have adopted the model that employs more people than the Chinese Army and Walmart and South America combined but amazingly they haven't.

I'm not going to get caught in huge arguments about Nanna's hips or premature babies, but if I was in PR, I would nominate the face of Paul Mason, Britain's fattest man to represent it.

Useless, bloated, immovable, self loathing, self pitying, angry, hugely expensive, high maintenance, unloved, incontinent, self feeding, self perpetuating and in total denial that it is responsible for its own condition.

Nurse. Scalpel please. It's time to extract the cuckoo from the taxpayers nest

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