Friday, 21 January 2011

The divine right of entitlement

When the state boots out the concept of self responsibility and becomes the parent, citizens become children.

I see it every day. "It's my right, innit". "I'm entitled to it". Of course I'm not talking about petulant teenagers demanding that I pay them £30 a week to go and sit in a 6th Form Youth Club instead of beginning to make their way in the world, I'm not talking about the "poor" who live in £3000 a month properties that those who commute 4 hours a day could never afford, I'm not talking about those so morbidly fat that I have to buy them cars, mobility scooters, heavy duty beds and an army of carers to keep their calorie intake at 20K a day. I'm not talking about the uninsured who build their houses on flood plains and then demand I pay for their new carpets or the recently arrived economic migrant who demands I find him accommodation in his own language and culture. I'm not talking about the feckless who insist that a mobile phone and a car is a necessity, not a luxury and demand I top up their wages or benefits so they too can get drunk at the weekend and send me the bill.

No, I'm talking specifically about Karen Clark, of Daisy Close, Cambridge. Already housed at the expense of the taxpayer, she DEMANDS a taxi take her 13 year old "autistic" Jamie to school.

“If he didn’t get the school transport I don’t think it would be feasible for us to get him to that school"

Of course not. Millions and millions of parents up and down the land struggle to get their offspring out of bed, dressed and fed and off to school. They walk, cycle, catch the bus and drive their 4x4s but they know it is their responsibility to drop their little darlings off at the "holding tank" that most schools have become.

Of course a veritable ARMY of State employees are desperate to justify their role as "nanny" to the feckless (and claim fat salaries and pensions) so we have Gerri Bird, forum manager of Disability Cambridgeshire stating:

"parents would be “frightened to death”. “This is like going back to the Dark Ages.”

The Dark Ages of having to take responsibility for what you, by your own choice, brought into the world, no less. How barbaric.

It takes my children over an hour on trains to get to school every morning at a cost to me (not the taxpayer) of £2000 a year per child. My children, my choice, my responsibility, my money. Sixty years it has taken, just two generations of Fabian Government to turn us from strong, reliable, honest, brave, hardworking individuals to frail, dependent, high maintenance, benefit addicted little cogs in the huge State machine, serviced by an army of "maintenance" engineers.

Instead of breaking the chains, we simply demand more oil on them. We really do deserve everything we have coming to us, just as the spoilt brat eventually finds out he is no longer the centre of the universe, our citizens are about to hit the brick wall of the real world. There's nothing left for the State to bribe us with. It spent all our money doing exactly that. Ask Ed Balls.

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