Saturday, 15 January 2011

a civilised Revolution

Looking at the developments in Tunisia, an uprising became a revolution when the state just pushed the sheep a little too hard.

Ben Ali did what all leaders do. Took utter control of the populace, simply because he could. corruption ensured that the police, his sheepdogs, were well rewarded for their loyalty in brutalising the very people they were being paid to protect and his entourage grew fat by stealing the wealth of the people.

Take a long hard look at OUR Political elite. Most of the Labour hierarchy have become wealthy beyond their dreams simply by stealing our money. Mandelson, Blair and the scrabble to grasp whatever was available and the overwhelming urge to destroy whatever mechanisms the simple citizen could use to acquire his own wealth. Regulation, taxes, the Judiciary, minimum wage, the welfare state, all finely honed to keep the poor in their place. Poor whilst serving the ruling elite either by trading their vote for a roof over their head and few crumbs. Freedoms removed to ensure that the Elite stay safe in the positions of power.

The uprising in Tunisia was caused by a simple act of desperation. An unemployed man, unable to earn money and not fed by the Welfare state decided he would sell vegetables to his fellow citizens. To the State, this was intolerable. No permit, no official permission to earn a living and stay alive. So the sheepdogs, the police, confiscated every single thing he owned.

Mohamed Bouazizi, realising he was never to be free in his own land, simply set fire to himself.

Two weeks later, and the wealthy ruling elite have fled. There is no Ayatollah waiting in the wings, no organised resistance or opposition waiting to seize power. People just decided that the unknown was better than the known. We saw it in East Germany and the Soviet Bloc. Peaceful refusal to be the slaves of the State and the tools of a handful of vicious politicians.

I don't know the future of Tunisia more than the next man, but I wish them well. Let's see what a nations citizens can do when the chains that bound them are now gone.

Our politicians would do well to take note and remember that the bottom line is always a numbers game. 650 of them. 61,000,000 of us. We are ruled and governed by consent, not by bullets and fear. When we withdraw our consent, it really will be "game over".

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