Friday, 31 December 2010

Ten New Years Revolutions for 2011

Slightly adapted from here

As the United Kingdom edges closer to becoming a third world country; anger, frustration, and cynicism continue to mount in the minds of the British population. This pessimism seems warranted as authentic political solutions appear to be in short supply in our corporate and welfare state.

The democratic political system is now clearly run by crony cartelism. The multinational banks have hijacked the economy and are openly looting the public. Mounting and impossible-to-pay off debt is crippling government. The entire spectrum of our rights continues to degrade. Crimes that would land regular citizens in jail are now openly being committed by the elite and their organisations with no justice. And perhaps most telling, the power structure is establishing a control grid to eliminate due process for the Internet and beyond to stifle any dissent.

Given the current situation, it can seem impossible to affect real change. However, the exact opposite is the case. The only reason the system is maintained is because the majority still acquiesce to it. However, change won’t come by electing new establishment politicians, because no matter how noble they may be they still must play the corrupt game. Change won’t come through violent protests or offensive cyber hacktivism, as that only invites and justifies the creeping police state. We must stop accepting and supporting the system, individually, in order to change it.

Because our representative democracy has become a fraud, and the media and courts are clearly shills for the oligarchs, our only action appears to be non-violent rebellion; one person and community at a time. We can expose the crimes and immorality of the corporate state through civil disobedience and conscientious objection. We can punish multinational companies who commit flagrant fouls on humanity and the environment by boycotting them. Additionally, we can peacefully regain our liberty by becoming less dependent on the system for our basic needs.

Here are ten solutions through non-violent activism:

1. Buy Local Food: One of the most powerful cartels that has their tentacles into government is the food cartel. Sainsbury, Tesco, all are either politicians themselves or in party funding up to the eyeballs. Boycott them. The best way to conquer this cartel is by eating local; produce your own food, join and contribute to local cooperatives, and engage your neighbours and community for more local food solutions. Local co-ops are also a great place to trade locally crafted goods and even services.

2. Become More Self-Sufficient: Our modern society has made us dependent on something or someone other than ourselves for most necessities such as electricity, food, water, medicine, security, and education. This dependence puts us at the direction or disposal of the cartel state. Therefore, the only entity that has the power to grant us liberty is ourselves; and we can take back our independence through self-sufficiency. Being self-sufficient means learning skills that will help you and your family survive economic downturns or other emergencies. These skills may also help you to be less dependent on your job as they’ll make you a useful independent producer. Lead your neighbourhood and community toward production and away from dependence.

3. Get Healthier: The increasing pace of life seems to offer a wealth of distractions from the importance of living a truly healthy and free life. Our modern world offers easy choices like fast-food in place of fresh produce; TV in place of reading, exercise, or meditation; Internet social networks in place of meaningful personal relationships, etc. Identify the areas lacking in your own life and resolve to make the necessary changes that will increase your physical fitness, mental acuity, and your spiritual evolution. These three areas are what truly sustain us in both good times and bad — not smart phones, Xboxes, X Factor, and the virtual world.

4. Buy Silver and Gold: We desperately need a monetary revolution before the Euro experiment completely collapses. Like all revolutions this must start from a groundswell of rebellious action. A good place to start is to convert your devaluing paper money to physical gold and silver. This will punish the banks, as well as protect your assets. Furthermore, if paper monies continues to collapse, silver and gold may well become a viable currency in society once again. Buying junk silver is something anyone can afford to do and is highly recommended.

5. Expose the Agenda: The “agenda” is one of consolidation of wealth, power, and control in every facet imaginable. The international elite are approaching near one-world control, which they call full spectrum dominance of economies and societies. In other words; national, local, and individual sovereignty is all but gone. It is extremely important to engage your local community, especially community leaders and police, to reiterate their obligation to serve us, the local community , and not to follow illegal Statutes. Above all, do not give in to the temptation of apathy as you begin to learn more about the systems of control. These systems first count on your ignorance, then they count on laziness. Finally, say what you stand for such as peace, liberty, and genuine justice with even more force than shouting about what you oppose.

6. Boycott: In the U.K it has become obvious that a system has taken hold which is economically designed for one thing: consumption. This is the value that each person has been given from birth. So, one key way to assert your power and value in such a system is to vote with your wallet. Every purchase you make either contributes to, or boycotts this corporatist structure. Become aware of who the real owners are and what inhumane practices are behind the products you purchase, so that you can make intelligent choices that support your health and promote justice. Additionally, it is important to learn the true contents of the products you buy, so that you don’t fall prey to slick advertising and corporate misdirection.

7. Local Politics: Forget wasting any of your energy and resources on Westminster politics — they have sold out long ago to the higher authorities that fund their multi-million pound campaigns. Instead, get involved in council politics and community initiatives. The future will be built from the ground up, starting right in your own neighbourhood. Local politics is where you can affect tangible changes. Each minor victory will send shock waves to other small communities and the country as a whole, so be sure to document the steps you have taken to achieve victory, then share your story for others to emulate.

8. Military refusal: Do not contribute to fraudulent wars, and do not succumb to the pressure of feeling “unpatriotic.” There are countless groups of Afhanistan war veterans who have seen through the government lies that have led to unnecessary deaths, as well as the financial destruction of the country. There is, in fact, no more patriotic action that can be taken than to demand that our military be used properly to strengthen the country, rather than to weaken it. For some, there is absolutely no excuse for war, ever, and merely the act of showing up contributes to this affliction. It is a profound resolution of courage to live by your convictions. So, if opposing the fraudulent wars is your main issue, file as a conscientious objector and contribute to peace instead of war. As Gandhi said, “There is no path to peace; peace is the path.”

9. Don’t Use Banks: The banks have proven to be some of the most immoral, dare we say “evil,” institutions on the planet. Besides their Ponzi-style Wall Street casino and mortgage/foreclosure fraud, they also profit heavily from wars, misery, and debt. We can at least vow not to take on any new bank financing of any kind — mortgages, credit cards, or car loans, etc. Where possible, bank with local building societies instead of the big banks that make up the cartel. I don't even have a bank account anymore. I refuse to play.

10. Tax Resistance: Becoming a tax resister is a hardcore action of civil disobedience that comes with serious consequences. It is your duty to AVOID taxation. It is conscientous objection to theft by the State. You earned it, you keep it. If you disagree with what the State does, stop feeding it the money it needs to do what it does. Wear the badge of tax avoider with pride.

All that remains to say is I wish all our readers a healthy, happy, prosperous New Year. Whatever you want, you are the only one that can make it happen. It starts with YOU. Be the change.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

the Children

"How much fucking public debt have I been handed?"

It continues. No sooner does our glorious leader apply the handbrake to the decision not to fund Bookstart, a fake charity run by Fabians* to give "free" books to the feckless at a cost of £13M a year, do the next bunch of Fabians spot the opportunity to indoctrinate our children.

* the authors have a spectacular array of careers,eg: "writer in residence at Holloway Prison" and produce instruction guides for slaves.

Yes, the magnificent E Learning foundation, a quango set up by Blair to reward his Fabian cronies has kicked off demanding that all children be provided with Internet access at home.

E Learning Trustees

Rt Hon Baroness Morris (ex Labour)
Lord Mitchell (Labour IT advisor)
Lord Willis (LibDem)
Rt Hon Lord Knight (Labour)
Mike Butler (Head of Djanogly City Academy, Nottingham)
David Butler OBE Head of fake charity

Need more? Here

An unelected Quango of Fabians, desperate to push their version of "learning" into the homes of our children whilst sending you the bill. disgusting.

The sooner Govt, elected or not, gets the hell out of education, the better. Never trust a Politician with the education of your child.

In their perverted world, you are merely raising it to either tax viability or state dependency

Monday, 27 December 2010


As work and twitter take more and more of my time, and this blog descends into a personal toilet wall for Ron Broxted (no, I still have no idea what it is about, nor wish to), perhaps it's time to look at what has been a dramatic year.

Firstly, you lot got a man out of prison. You told the state that it was unjust and you rectified the situation. You freed Nick Hogan. Congratulate yourselves, you deserve it. If nothing else, you touched a life in the finest way possible, with liberty

Then we had the General Election and you funded my campaign to place myself amongst the Cambridge pigeons that would rule us. You made electoral history by sponsoring the first totally anonymous candidate for Parliament. No one knew who I was, where I lived or what I looked like. We proved a point that the system is broken. We destroyed the campaign of Daniel Zeichner (Lab), and I hope you had as much fun as I did ridiculing those who would enslave us.

We have corrupt politicians in court, riots on the streets caused by Politicians lying to the electorate, we've had Politicians thrown out of their seats for lying and a corrupt authoritarian Government thrown out of office (no, I refuse to use the word "power")

The change of rulers has brought nothing new. We are still taxed to the point of riot, we are still herded like sheep by the Slavemaster, our lives monitored, controlled, measure, censored and indexed by the all powerful State, as if we were the property of it, instead of the owners.

The lobbyists and Unions, along with corporations still dictate where more than half the contents of your wallets will go, the great and the good still reward themselves with the fruit of your labours, your risks, taken by force under threat of violence. You are still born a "suspect"

It isn't going to change until we change, and we won't. This year has shown that I will not change a damn thing through this blog, and as a stubborn bastard refusing to change myself to fit the "great scheme", my course of action is to retreat further and further from "interference", reliance and governance.

Most of my fellow citizens are happy to count the blessings of X Factor, easy credit and a "normal" life, safe in the knowledge that Politicians will save them from themselves. The Welfare state will continue to provide the warm comfort straight jacket so beloved by the lazy and feckless, our power as citizens will continue to vanish and those who pull the strings will continue to gain wealth taken from us.

But we made 2010 just that little bit harder for the 650. We are watching them, watching us and now every move they make will be witnessed, measured, monitored and reported. And they HATE it.

Blogging will be much quieter in 2011. Probably. 4 years until off grid.....

To be governed is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so.

To be governed is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished. It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest, to be placed under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed; then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonoured.

That is government; that is it's justice; that is its morality.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Hear them howl, hear them scream...

The pavements won't get gritted, the rubbish might not get collected. The cuts mean YOUR addiction to the overpriced and inefficient state might not be served by the "dealer". SAVE OUR JOBS

Up yours. I can grit my own path, thanks. I can sort my own rubbish, thanks. I don't need 7 million public servants to hold me to ransom. I don't need to pay your wages, your pensions, your tax credits, your council tax or your child benefit to drive 3 miles to the dump.

The noise coming from those who rely on the state drug dealer is going to be deafening next year. Cold turkey is never pretty, but the alternative is far more horrible. Labour are now so desperate, they are selling wraps to schoolkids for 1p each

2011 is going to be the year of "cold turkey". Remove yourself from the drug dealing circle, clean up, focus on you and yours, instead of the "collective" and you will experience freedom. Ignore the screams of those who cannot afford a 42" plasma and will have to make do with a taxpayer funded 37" from the Tesco Basic range. Ignore the screams of those who demand "diversity coordinators" and focus on protecting your family and your property from those who believe that what you have, they should have. By default.

Resist. Refuse. You earned it, it is your property, it belongs to you. There are 7 million State addicts out there who are about to jemmy your windows, looking for the next fix of big government.

You can live without the State. The State cannot live without you. IT is the parasite, not you.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Parental Idiots

The Media are alight this morning as it is revealed that 15% of 11 year olds cannot read. Politicians are queueing up to give their opinion of Ofsted, teachers, the education system, all demanding MORE money, MORE resources, MORE interference, MORE measuring and monitoring by the State.

If your child cannot read at the age of 11, it is not the education system that has failed, it is YOU, the parent. YOU have the responsibility to read to your child from birth, not the State. YOU have the responsibility to listen to your child read to you, improve his vocabulary, correct his mistakes and spelling. Not some yoghurt knitting Fabian with 30 other children to indoctrinate.

Sod the Xbox, sod the BMX, sod the Wii. BUY YOUR CHILD A BOOK this Christmas and give the poor sod a future. If you want to be free from the State, do not expect the State to give you the keys to do it. There's a whole Internet of information out there, for free, on how to raise a child. The X factor is not the answer.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Light blogging

Apologies for the light blogging. I am not about to do an Iain Dale (the fat poof) and "retire", I'm just very busy making sure that everything is in place to get out of this ridiculous excuse of a country whilst I still can.

I have a plan and the last week in particular* has made me more determined than ever to find my own little haven away from every useless bastard that either wants a piece of me, my property, my family or my money, and it won't be this country.

*Teenage daughter beaten up in broad daylight for refusing to give four coons she'd never met before a "line up (gang blow job)" on a train she has to take everyday to school.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Get Stuffed, Cameron

Had enough of being governed? Sick of Europe? Fed up with war? Exhausted by tax? Tired of endless rules and regulations? Bored of the endless intrusions into your life?

Want to send a message to the 650 who rule us with (quite literally) a rod of iron?

Send Cameron a Christmas present.

The Right Honourable David Cameron MP
10, Downing Street.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Army on the Streets?

Trying to think why a "Policeman" would be wearing Army DPM Combat trousers under a plain navy overall. Suggestions?

Original pic in HD is here

Friday, 10 December 2010

What they do to them...

the unaccountable protecting the indefensible

Again, the differences between Tories and Libertarians become clear. I supported the Students in their protest against being lied to by Politicians. I do not support free higher education. If the State is going to tax you on your skills, it can damn well pay for you to acquire those skills or (as I prefer) those who finance their own education simply pay basic rate income tax. Forever.

As we see the State (rightfully) reducing what it will supply to a benefit addicted society created by Fabians over the last 50 years, it is only fair that the bill the State presents (with menaces) to citizens should shrink. It won't. VAT is due to increase to cover the State handing over our money to Banks, income tax will not fall until the bills of 13 years of authoritarianism have been paid and general taxation is still set in another country by unelected European Marxists.

What was interesting yesterday was the ferocity of our servants, the Police, to protect those who SHOULD be our servants, Politicians. If Students need any more lessons in who protects who in this society,they are not fit to study.

Of course, when you withdraw heroin from the addict, the addict will react. To watch our police protecting the drug dealer however was poetic.

Today, Cameron calls for the "full force of the law" to be used against those who protested. Not those who stole all our money and handed it to corrupt bankers, not those who lobby for vested interests, not those who hand our hard earned money to Europe to spend as they wish, not those who lie, cheat and steal the wealth of our unborn children, not those who invade countries illegally, not those who spy on us, not those who manipulate our every waking moment, not those who will place us prison if we refuse to pay for their unsolicited services, not those who demand we comply, obey, shut up and pay, not those who rule us with vast fortunes taken from the people by force

But those who dared to complain. And remember, what they did to the Students yesterday, they will do to us when we dare to suggest that enough is enough.

Tories, enjoy your righteous indignation that Students "made a mess", "disrespected Churchill" or "vandalised a royal Rolls Royce" if it pleases you. Just remember that when you have had enough, when you decide that you have not been heard, listened to or lied to and dare to complain, your servants will turn on you in the same brutal manner.

Expect much much more of this.

David Cameron has spoken

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

the Pantomime season is upon us

Still content to be governed by these idiots? Not me. Withdraw your consent to be governed.

Off Topic: Want to know where Lord Mandelson is getting his money from? You won't believe it

Withdraw your cash

Had enough of banks? You know what to do. Take your money out today, put it back in tomorrow.


"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws." - Amschel Rothschild

Sunday, 5 December 2010

to the Bone

an MP discovers real cuts in public spending, yesterday

I won't involve myself in the arguments over Top Shop, Vodaphone, BHS, Cadbury et al either planning or already avoiding unnecessary UK taxes, others are already doing that via the #ukuncut twitter hashtag

I would however like to suggest that our current level of State cuts is pitiful, pathetic and a fraud.

Yesterday, government employees closed Spanish airspace. The employees of the Spanish State decided that their own vested interests trumped those of the entire population, the basic right of freedom of movement and crippled international flights in European airspace. You and I had no say in the matter. We were grounded.

Firstly, what the hell are government employees doing controlling airspace anyway? Oh, yes, the State decides that it owns everything and then employs citizens to operate everything in return for most of their money. Of course, private companies could run the airspace, produce wealth, pay their staff enough so they wouldn't go bust or strike and everybody would be happy. But no, the State must control all the levers even if it quite plainly can't control all the levers.

I see the Irish government owning Claridges Hotel in London and wonder just what is the point? Why does the State own so much on our behalf? It is the most inefficient employer or operator, utterly useless at providing anything other pensions and wages built on Ponzi schemes that will enslave out grandchildren in false debt caused by handing borrowed money to failing banks so that the State can own them as well.

State ownership is the dream of the Fabian, where the collective is more important than the person, the ownership more important than the purpose.

Slash it and burn it. Reduce state ownership of everything to an army, a judiciary, a border force and a police force. Everything else can be done by us as free people, not by us as bonded slaves to the State. Slash State ownership and watch the tax bills plummet. You want a £37 million pound theatre in Barry, Wales? You pay for it, you run it, you make it pay, you negotiate with the employees, you deliver the content, you pay the pensions and running costs by producing what free people will pay hard earned money to see, not by demanding by force that a fork lift truck driver on night shift in Newcastle "supports" your "desire" to bring "arts" to the "unemployed" of rural Wales.

Just this morning I heard a "group" that looks after the homeless simply refusing to leave homeless people alone. They refered to them "clients" and no matter how many times they were told to bugger off by their "clients", it was their "duty" to save these people from themselves (and in the process, protect their own jobs, pensions and control of their clients) and protect and save them they will, come hell or high water. You WILL attend our carefully designed and publicly funded "program" because we know best and you don't. No shut up and cooperate.

Reduce state ownership, ground Co operatives, form business alliances, work for yourself, slash taxes and simply consume less and you will have freedom. Yes, including the freedom to do fuck all and starve.

Cut everything. Cut to the bone and let the market pick up what people really want, are happy to pay for and get your thieving hands out of our pockets. If I want it, I will happily pay for it. you will know when you have cut enough when the queues of Kurds, Afghanis, Romanians and Africans at Sangatte no longer exists.

There is no such thing as free milk and honey. Ask a bear.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Commons Criminals

“In respect of mortgage interest payments, there has been an unforgivable error in my accounting procedures for which I apologise unreservedly,”

He stole taxpayers money. Then he decided he was above the law and used taxpayers money to try and avoid prosecution in court for the theft of taxpayers money by claiming "Parliamentary Privilege"

.....and now he pleads guilty to stealing taxpayers money.
Book, meet David Cheater, David Cheater meet book. Labour filth.

the Abuse of Children

Fifty years of Fabian experimentation has produced a nation unable to raise children. Simply stunning. No longer can the natural system of the last 2 million years of our evolution, namely the family, be trusted to produce happy, productive, responsible individuals, so the state is now to teach us, who it treats like children, to raise our children.

Are you proud? Do our masters actually realise the damage they have wrought in half a century of meddling, control, laws, surveillance, regulation, taxation, handouts, support?

We are unable to raise children anymore. The State simply assumed the role of parent and grandparent and gave us bread and circuses to keep us amused whilst it got on with the serious grown up business of spending our money for their own aggrandisement.

Their answer to the problem? Not to encourage stable families. Not to leave people alone to live their lives and take responsibility. No, the answer to the problem is more of the same

It is not working, therefore we must do more of it, for it to work
So the state will now measure and regulate our children for "life chance indicators". Parents, once abandoned by the State must now become child monitors for the State. I give you

  • parenting classes throughout school life, arguing that Britain believes parenting is learnt through osmosis;
  • a new index of life chances that can be monitored annually;
  • a focus on foundation years equal to primary and secondary schools;
  • a rationalisation of children's services, including post-natal work, from the womb to going to school;
  • a working-class version of Mumsnet, the online forum for parents;
  • kite marking children's tv programmes to help speech development.
If I was a new parent, I would baracade the door and dedicate my life to protecting my child FROM the State. Hitler could only dream of the power a mere 650 individuals now possess over human evolution itself. Truly EVIL.

My dream of getting off grid grows stronger every day, whilst the Fabians continue to blend Brave New World, Animal Farm and 1984 into their new Koran, to be administered with all the rabid ferver of Sharia Law. God help the faithful and the unbelievers alike.

Who will rid us of these troublesome Politicians?

Off topic: As our masters have decided we may not see what they do in our name and with our money by removing Wikileaks from the DNS, it can still be found here

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Just leave us alone....

Further to my last post, the desperation of inefficient, useless, pen pushing councils to justify their existences knows no bounds.

Remember, in a State monopoly, the "client" cannot be left alone to do as he pleases or choose the services he requires. You must have it all and you must pay for it all.

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