Thursday, 30 September 2010

Understatement of the Year

I've had the pleasure of meeting Hazel Blears. A more putrid example of a politician you will never find. Thief, liar, two faced, power crazed, authoritarian ginger Fabian.

Just watching her here makes me want to shower.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Complete Destruction of Labour

Notice the word cloud from Ed's speech. "Country must change People" "Generation Government" Wonderful stuff from the son of a Marxist...

Sorry to have been so quiet over the last few days. I have been watching in awe as the Labour party utterly destroyed itself. From allowing the unions the free reign to throw David Miliband to the dogs via a ridiculous voting system, to the utterly useless conference itself that did nothing to even attempt to understand why Labour are no longer in office let alone about what to do about it, to a dismal attempt to proclaim "a new generation" on the back of endorsements from Neil Kinnock and Tony Benn.

Sure, they have a million trade unionists who will soon be even more skint and unemployed as a crash diet hits the public sector. Sure, they will always have the fanatical Jontys and Clarissas who's parents were made very comfortable working for Labour sponsored charities, quangos or media and yes, they will always have the undying love of various unqualified immigrants who have seen their hopes and dreams of owning more than an AK47 and a mud hut realised by free handouts from a burgeoning Welfare State bigger than John Prescott's dinner plate.

But the rest of us? The millions of people who work, don't break the law, don't drive too fast, pay mortgages, care about the education of their children and just wish to be left alone by Government?

Labour can offer us nothing but more of the same shite they subjected the country to for 13 long years.

Will I mourn the Labour party? Nope. I intend to piss on its grave, dig it up, set fire to it and bury it again. The beast is dying, I heard the death rattle on stage this afternoon...

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Labour Clarity

So, for clarity, the Labour Party is now headed by a Jewish son of a Polish Marxist traitor illegal immigrant who was installed into power by an unelected disgraced Union Communist, Charlie Whelan.

Excellent. That should see them unelectable for a generation. No further comment required

Saturday, 25 September 2010

#Labconf Bullshit Bingo time!

As the dinosaurs meet in Manchester to waffle, here's your chance to have some fun. A cut out and keep "soundbite" card. Play nicely now...

Friday, 24 September 2010

It's Chris Moyles Time


Public bodies to be abolished (177 bodies)

Administrative Justice and Tribunal Council

Advisory Board on the Registration of Homeopathic Products

Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens

Advisory Committee on Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infections

Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances

Advisory Committee on Carbon Abatement Technologies

Advisory Committee on Historic Wreck Sites

Advisory Committee on National Historic Ships

Advisory Committee on Organic Standards

Advisory Committee on Packaging

Advisory Committee on Pesticides

Advisory Committee on the Government Art Collection

Advisory Committee on the safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs

Advisory Council on Libraries

Advisory Group on Hepatitis

Advisory Panel on Local Innovation Awards

Advisory Panel on Standards for the Planning Inspectorate

Agricultural Dwelling House Committees (16 bodies)

Agricultural Wages Board for England and Wales

Agricultural Wages Committees (15 bodies)

Air Quality Expert Group

Alcohol Education and Research Council

Animal Welfare Advisory Committee

Appointments Commission

Audit Commission

British Educational Communications and Technology Agency

British Nuclear Fuels

British Shipbuilders

British Waterways

Capacity Builders

Caribbean Board

Churches Conservation Trust

Commission for Integrated Transport

Commission for Rural Communities

Commissioner for the Compact

Committee on Agricultural Valuation

Committee on Carcogenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment

Committee on Medical Aspects of Air Pollutants

Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment

Committee on Mutagenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment

Committee on the Safety of Devices

Commons Commissioners

Consular Stakeholder Panel

Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence

Courts Boards (19 bodies)

Crown Court Rule Committee

Cycling England

Darwin Advisory Committee

Disability Employment Advisory Committee

Disability Living/Attendance Allowance Advisory Board

Disabled Persons' Transport Advisory Committee

Expert Advisory Group on HIV/AIDS

Expert Panel on Air Quality Standards

Farm Animal Welfare Council

Food from Britain

Foreign Compensation Commission

Gene Therapy Advisory Committee

General Social Care Council

General Teaching Council for England

Genetics and Insurance Committee

Government Hospitality Advisory Committee on the Purchase of Wines

Government Strategic Marketing Advisory Board

Health Protection Agency

Hearing Aid Council

Herbal Medicines Advisory Committee

HM Inspectorate of Court Administration

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority

Human Genetics Commission

Human Tissue Authority

Independent Advisory Group of Sexual Health and HIV

Independent Advisory Group on Teenage Pregnancy

Independent Living Fund

Independent Review Panel for the Classification of Borderline Products

Independent Review Panel on the Advertising of Medicines

Infrastructure Planning Commission

Inland Waterways Advisory Council

Insolvency Practitioners Tribunal

Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisations

Legal Deposit Advisory Panel

Legal Services Commission

Legal Services Ombudsman

London Thames Gateway Development Corporation*

Main Honours Advisory Committee

Maqistrates' Court Rule Committee

Museums, Libraries and Archives Council

National Housing and Planning Advice Unit

National Information Governance Board

National Joint Registry Steering Committee

National Policing Improvement Agency

National Standing Committee for Farm Animal Genetic Resources

National Tenant Voice

National Endowment for Science, Technology and Arts

Office for the Civil Society Advisory Bodies

Olympic Park Legacy Company*

Pesticides Residues Committee

Public Guardian Board

Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency

Railway Heritage Committee

Regional Development Agencies (8 bodies)

Renewables Advisory Board

Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution

School Food Trust

School Support Staff Negotiating Body

Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition

Security Commission

Security Industry Authority


Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee

Standards Board for England

Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property

Sustainable Development Commission

Teachers TV Board

The Theatres Trust

Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation*

UK Chemical Weapons Convention National Authority Advisory Committee

UK Film Council

Union Modernisation Advisory Fund

Veterinary Residues Committee

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Advisory Board

West Northamptonshire Development Corporation*

Women's National Commission

Zoos Forum

* = Responsibility devolved to relevant Local Authority

Public bodiess to be privatised (4 bodies)

Construction and Skills Training Board

Engineering Construction Industry

Film Industry Training Board

The Tote Board

Public bodies to be merged or consolidated (Maximum of 129 bodies reduced to Minimum of 57)

Advisory Committees on Justices of the Peace, (101 bodies – to be reduced to 49)

Central Arbitration Committee, Single Arbitration Panel

Certification Office, (as above)

Competition Appeals Tribunal, Single Tribunals Service

Competition Service, (as above)

Copyright Tribunal, (as above)

Police Advisory Board, (as above)

Police Negotiating Board, (as above)

Police Arbitration Tribunal, (as above)

Rent Assessment Panels, (as above)

Residential Property Tribunal Service, (as above)

Valuation Tribunal for England, (as above)

Valuation Tribunal Service, (as above)

Crown Prosecution Service, Single Prosecution Service

Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office, (as above)

English Heritage, Single Heritage Body

National Heritage Memorial Fund, (as above)

National Heritage Lottery Fund, (as above)

Football Licensing Authority, Single Sport Body

Sport England, (as above)

UK Sport, (as above)

Gambling Commission, Single Gambling Regulator

National Lottery Commission, (as above)

Ofcom, Single Communications Regulator

Postcomm, (as above)

Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, Single Immigration Body

Pensions Ombudsman, Single Pensions Regulator

Pensions Protection Fund Ombudsman, (as above)

Serious Organised Crime Agency, Merged into National Crime Agency

Public bodies still under review (94 bodies)

Advisory Committee on Conscientious Objectors

Advisory Council on Public Records

Advisory Council on National Records and Archives

Advisory Council on Historical Manuscripts

Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information

Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board

Animal Procedures Committee

BBC World Service

British Council

British Hallmarking Council

Building Regulations Advisory Committee

Carbon Trust

Chief Coroner of England and Wales

Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service

Children's Workforce Development Council

Civil Justice Council

Coal Authority

Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment

Community Development Foundation

Competition Commission

Consumer Council for Water

Consumer Focus

Covent Garden Market Authority

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

Design Council

Diplomatic Service Appeals Board

Exports Credit Guarantee Department

Energy Savings Trust

Environment Agency

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Family Justice Council


Forestry Commission

Fuel Poverty Advisory Group

Historic Royal Palaces

Homes and Community Agency

Horserace Betting Levy Board

Independent Safeguarding Authority

Industrial Development Advisory Board

Investigatory Powers Tribunal

Joint Nature Conservation Committee

Law Commission of England and Wales

Leasehold Advisory Service

Local Better Regulation Office

National Museums and Galleries (18 bodies*)

National Army Museum

National College for Leadership of Schools and Children's Services

National Employer Advisory Board

National Forest Company

National Museum of the Royal Navy

Natural England

Office for Fair Access

Office for Fair Trading


Partnership for Schools

Public Lending Right Committee

Public Trustee Youth Justice Board

Rail Passengers' Committee

Remploy, Ltd.

Renewable Fuels Agency

Royal Air Force Museum

Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

Royal Mint Advisory Committee on the Design of Coins, Medals, Seals and Decorations

Sea Fish Industry Authority

Student Loans Company

Tenant Services Authority

The National Archives

The Office of the Children's Commissioner

The Pensions Advisory Service

Training and Development Agency for Schools

UK Atomic Energy Agency

UK India Round Table

UK Supreme Court

Visit Britain

p> Visit England

Young People's Learning Agency

* Refers to those National Museums and Galleries in England which are publicly-funded by DCMS and receive rebates of VAT incurred in the course of their activities, in order them to enable free admission to the public. These are: The British Museum; The Imperial War Museum; The National Gallery; The National Maritime Museum; The National Museums & Galleries of Merseyside; The Natural History Museum; The Royal Armouries; The Science Museum; The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television; The National Railway Museum; The National Coal Mining Museum for England; The Tate Galleries; The Wallace Collection; The Greater Manchester Museum of Science and Industry; Sir John Soane’s Museum; The Museum of London; The Geffrye Museum; and The Horniman Museum. Other publicly-funded museums (The British Library, The National Army Museum, etc.) are separately referred to in this list, and museums in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are a devolved matter (although they also receive rebates of VAT).

Public bodies which will be retained (350 bodies)


Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee on Business Appointments

Advisory Committee on Civil Costs

Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards

Advisory Committee on Hazardous Substances

Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment

Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs

Advisory Group on Military Medicine

Agricultural Land Tribunal

Architects Registration Board

Armed Forces Pay Review Body

Arts Council England


Big Lottery Fund

British Railway Board (Residuary) Ltd

British Library

British Pharmocopoeia Commission

British Transport Police

British Wool Marketing Board

Broads Authority

Capital for Enterprise

Care Quality Commission

Central Advisory Committee on Pensions and Compensation

Central Office of Information

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Anti socialism and socialism

14 million crimes of anti social behaviour reported last year. We all see it every single day from foul mouthed louts on public transport to the strangely unique Britishness of seeing security guards patrolling the aisles of supermarkets in market towns and policemen in our schools.

How do we tackle it? How do we, the people take back our lives from those who out of simple selfishness decide that they will not leave us in peace, those who will bully their way into your personal space, those who have made the conscious decision that their needs are greater than all others? How do we teach self discipline to the undisciplined, violent, vomiting, drunken vandals that blight our towns and cities? How do we tell a generation of benefit bloated wastrels to keep their hands off our person and property?

Step ONE:

Accept that we have made a humongous mistake. The last 40 years to be specific. We have trashed the family and the education system and we are financing through the benefits system an entire culture of bad and violent behaviour. Accept that the individual has rights AND responsibilities. Each and every one of us. Being unemployed is no reason to wander the streets drunk, shouting at passers by or beating strangers to death, no matter what the Socialists told you.

Step TWO

Police the streets. Not sit in a BMW in a paramilitary uniform for 15 minutes. Get out there and start arresting people. We already have ancient laws to stop drunkenness, vagrancy and breaches of the peace. Use them. With a rod of iron. No "penalty charges" for shoplifting or vandalism. Gaol.


Encourage the family unit. It brings stability, respect and discipline. Lower the tax rate for married couples and penalise those who abandon their offspring. Abolish benefits that encourage reckless behaviour. Have as many kids as you want, just don't ask me to finance it.


Empower schools. No more "suspensions" for dealing heroin or hitting teachers. Throw the little shits out and force the parents to pay privately for the education instead. Schools are for education, not gang warfare. Sit down, shut up and learn or get out.


Don't pay any benefits to criminals. No housing, no dole. Make an arrest something to be feared, something that could lead to a life of disadvantage and poverty. No "cautions" or ASBOs. Gaol followed by poverty should make little Connor think twice before he decides to rip the wing mirrors off your car because he had "nuffink to do"

Step SIX

Empower the individual. Give us back the powers that the State has stolen and we will learn responsibility instead. We managed 2 million years before a few hundred politicians decided they could live and control our lives better than we could. Oh, and start killing lawyers...

The State PLC

In an interesting development, Eric Pickles is proposing that instead of cutting services, local authorities should compete with small businesses directly. Let me repeat that. Local authorities should compete with local businesses for your trade.

He gave some examples. Councils should:

  • Utilise their council-run MOT test centres for checking the safety and roadworthiness of their own vehicles to offer an MOT service to the public and generate income.
  • Offer insurers, who require an annual tree inspection of trees within a policyholder’s premises, a tree inspection service carried out by members of their arboriculture team using their expertise and equipment.
  • Using powers in the Highways Act 1980 relating to the maintenance of highways and dropped kerbs, offer a service to residents who wish to create a driveway from the roadway through to the edge of their property.
Although local authorities have a wide power to charge for discretionary services under section 93 of the Local Government Act 2003 (LGA 2003), it should be remembered that this power supplements, rather than replaces, charging powers contained in other legislation and cannot be applied to services that a local authority has a duty to provide. Nor does it apply where there is already an existing power or prohibition to charge.

Under section 95 of the LGA 2003, relevant authorities in England and Wales have the power to engage in entrepreneurial commercial trading with private bodies and persons. However, the following restrictions in relation to the exercise of section 95 must not be forgotten:

  • The trading must be function-related.
  • The power cannot be used to authorise commercial trading in relation to a function that a local authority is under a statutory duty to provide.
  • The trading power cannot be used if an alternative commercial trading power already exists.

Call me old fashioned, but when I need a plumber, I call a plumber. I don't expect to find the local authority offering plumbing services in competition to local plumbers anymore than I expect to find them running supermarkets, selling petrol or arranging travel breaks to Tuscany.

It is not the civic duty of publicly funded local authorities to offer services that compete with local businesses. The Town Clerk changing his name to CEO is one thing. The State replacing private businesses and becoming the one stop shop for all your needs is another. It's called communism and always ends in tears.

with thanks to Christian Lister

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Activate the Miliband

Tonight, the Labour Party will have elected a new leader to help the party recover from their recent defeat at the General Election. I say defeat only because they got slightly less votes than the party that came first who needed to cuddle up to the party that came third to form a government and rule us, even though combined they still didn't get the majority of votes in this country and are therefore applying minority rule to all of us.

I digress. The leader will be of a Political class, totally insulated from real life. He will have trodden the path of Damien in the Omen. Protected from birth by those who wish to use his influence for their own ends when he eventually reaches power. Millions of pounds have been invested in securing his position by willing donors, anxious to assert their interests, completely unrelated to you or I. Our lives are of no interest. The wishes of his donors, his supporters, his yes men are to come first.

Should this man become Prime Minister, like all other Politicians, he will instantly control the levers of power and the enormous wealth of the state. He will squander your money protecting the interests of those who enabled him to climb the greasy pole. He will suppress opposition, sometimes brutally, he will lie, he will cheat, he will make false promises whilst he grins at you. He will take as much money from you as he can and he will use the threat of violence to do so. He will take away the rights you were born with and replace them with whatever he feels you are entitled to. He will pass laws that hinder your freedom. He will manipulate the media to inform you of what he feels you should know and no more.

His every action will have a direct impact on you, your family, your property. From the size of the lightbulb you may use to how much of your hard earned wealth your family may keep when you die. He will decide, quite literally, whether you live or die. Whether you prosper or fail will be in his hands.

Hyperbole you say? Again, look around you. Stand still and just look around you. If you can find ONE thing that is not regulated, monitored, taxed or measured by the State, I will publish it here

Total government is here. Somewhere lies the body of a jackal in a mothers grave.

UPDATE: Tides cannot be regulated by the State. Although they do seem to think the weather can (using all your money of course)

European Democracy Vouchers

The main journalist trade union in Europe and the UK wants citizens to be given 'European Democracy Vouchers', funded by internet service providers, which can be used to buy newspapers and pay for online media subscriptions.

The vouchers, which would work in the same way as restaurant vouchers currently used in several countries, would be funded through a levy on internet service providers (ISPs), according to the National Union of Journalists in the UK (NUJ).

The idea was aired in a submission to the European Commission's consultation on creative industries, published in April (EurActiv 30/04/10).

Drafted by the NUJ's Brussels branch and its Continental European Council, the paper says ISPs earn billions every year by offering internet users access to content.

"They are free-riders making billions from content they have not had to fund, including, crucially, journalism," the NUJ says.

The proposal will be fiercely resisted by ISPs, but the journalists union says even a moderate levy would "easily fund journalism" produced online and offline.

It suggests the funds would be collected by governments and dispersed to households in the form of vouchers worth, say, €175. This could then be used to purchase any publication online or in print, provided it contained "hard news".

The aim, says the NUJ, is not simply to protect jobs but to preserve the democratic function of journalism. It could, according to the paper, even serve as a stimulus for the emergence of new publications as the choice of which media to support is left to the consumer.

Media market 'has failed'

The NUJ believes the market has failed and journalism is a public good in need of support.

"The market has failed. We must confront this truth. If we are comfortable with the state funding such items as opera and the ballet, which if left to the market would not survive, we must accept that if we desire journalism to survive and the market is not providing, the state must step in," the union says.

It argues changes to the media landscape have seen a decline in reporting standards, with newspapers and magazines closing foreign desks and slashing the resources available for covering courts, regions and the EU. What remains is "cheap and profitable" content, such as celebrity gossip.

The position paper lists 10 things that must be done to save journalism, including an end to copyright infringement, a ban on companies using internships as labour replacement, and the breakup of media corporations which own a concentration of media outlets.

"We hope the European Commission takes this and all our suggestions with the utmost seriousness. Nothing less than democracy is at stake," the NUJ concludes.

State intervention in media sparks controversy

The proposals are likely to meet with a backlash from ISPs and from those who oppose any form of state intervention in the media sector.

The NUJ also calls for an end to attacks on public service broadcasters developing online and mobile content. Private sector media firms have long argued against public broadcasters being allowed to expand into new media formats using government funds (EurActiv 03/07/09).

There has also been considerable attention given to the EU executive's plans to "embed" journalists with European Commission President José Manuel Barroso when he travels on EU business (EurActiv 25/06/10).

The European Parliament has also called on the media to help bridge the communication gap between the EU and its citizens, sparking concerns that Brussels is in danger of compromising the independence of state broadcasters (EurActiv 08/09/10).

MEPs backed a report by Danish MEP Morten Løkkegaard, who wants the Parliament's information offices to recruit experienced media professionals to help inform the public of its activities. However, UK Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin warned against forcing broadcasters to include more EU content or funding training courses for journalists in EU affairs.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Rights and Expectations

A socialist slave farm

One of the great tricks of the Soviets to keep their peoples enslaved was offer them jobs for life, housing for life, free education and standard medical care for life. All in exchange for their complete and utter obedience. Rock the boat and you'd suddenly find that University place for your child vanished. Criticise the regime and your job would never advance above steaming open envelopes. Question authority and bang went your papers that allowed you to visit a beach.

We've seen a serious attempt over the last 13 years by Labour to create an identical "client" state whereby the motto "don't bite the hand that feeds you" has seen millions working for the State (some rewarded very handsomely indeed for their party loyalty), millions on benefits, millions receiving handouts, millions dependent on a "benevolent Regime" borrowing money from our grandchildren to secure votes for a party that saw the biggest erosion in individual freedom since the storming of the Winter Palace.

Even the Soviets, who had literally everything to lose finally decided that freedom was more important to them than any promise not to starve and some free coal, threw off the shackles of the Politburo and decided to take their chances with freedom, no matter where that lead. For most, it has proved an excellent choice. No more waiting 15 years and licking the Party's arse for the chance to own a car. No more begging for the right to travel freely. Simply study and work and take the best paid job you can find.

Above the squeals from the socialists this morning, I discover that "mortgage interest" to the unemployed is to be cut from 6% to just under 4% and there is uproar. This is not social housing. This is housing that citizens have decided to purchase in the hope of making capital gains and retiring to a villa in Benidorm. And we're paying for it, yet again. Never mind the scandal of "right to buy" which saw the feckless rewarded with hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayer funded council house selling windfalls, enabling the South of Spain to become the new home to millions who would otherwise be facing the consequences of not bothering to work at school, piss their wages up the wall every week and spend 16 hours a day watching Jeremy Kyle.

Owning a property is not a human right. It is what you achieve by applying yourself, taking responsibility for your actions, making sacrifices and being ambitious to better yourself and take control of your finances and your life. Why the hell do the unemployed have the right for the taxpayer to fund their property ambitions? Will we share in the capital gains when it's time to sell up and cash in? Will we hell. After a life of whizzing around on a mobility scooter and claiming every benefit known to man, they'll be off to a well earned "retirement" using the capital acquired by the taxpayer being forced to fund their property empire.

"If we don't, it'll create homeless people" the socialists scream. Yes, it will. One more reason to pay attention at school, learn a trade or a skill and save a bit of money instead of buying 42" TVs and big bore exhausts. One more reason to limit your reproduction until YOU can actually afford it. One more reason not to shack up with the first Somali asylum seeker who asks you in broken English if you want "jiggy jiggy. Get council flat, innit". One more reason to build a stable family that you can rely on in hard times.

It may be your expectation thanks to 13 years of bankrupting Labour socialist hell that someone else will always pick up the bill for your actions but it is a long way from being your right. Get used to it. There's going to lots more screaming before this spoilt baby is weaned from the tit of the State. If we want a small state and small government then we will have to learn to prise our hands out of it's all powerful grip. All of us


1. Political authority is derived from the people - government only exists with the consent of the people.

2. 'Rights' are not granted to the people by government - 'Rights' already belong to the people from the moment of their birth.

3. The people have the sole and exclusive right and power to govern themselves in any area not delegated to their government.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Pope Terror Alert

Click on Image below

BREAKING NEWS: Richard Dawkins held over papal terror alert on Twitpic

Roma eunt domus

It is a pleasure to see the EU exploding over the decision by President Sarkhozy to put some illegally settling Roma back in the taxi to Romania and Bulgaria.

A little clarity. I am a "no borders, no passports" libertarian. I believe, as a human, I should be able to live and work anywhere on this planet unhindered by petty bureaucracy or "States" and indeed, I also believe the Roma have the same right. Impossible of course whilst we hand out welfare benefits and others don't (prove this by placing nothing in your garden and then a bowl of bird seed)

However, the explosion of outrage by the unelected Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding is a joy to behold.

In summary, the unelected EU decided to hold a party at France's house, printed invitations and sent them to Bulgaria and Romania. When a few rowdy pikey guests turned up, broke some vases and shat in the sink, the French said "hang on, you lot out", put them in a taxi, paid the driver, stuffed a few fivers in their top pockets and sent them home. The EU is furious of course. It holds the (self given) right to send invites to parties at anyones houses. It insists you throw open your doors to all and sundry.

The usual lefties over at Liberal Conspiracy are in uproar, spouting "law breaking French" etc whilst politely ignoring the fact that no one in France actually asked the EU to print any invites and didn't actually fancy hosting any parties. Germany managed to intercept the invites and stuffed them down the back of the sofa years ago when it embargoed 2 million Poles simply pouring over the border to get pissed years ago (something we missed as well)

"France signed up to it" they squeal. No, French Politicians signed up to it and are now taking the consequences of their actions. No referendum was held on the Lisbon Treaty so the French citizens had no chance to say whether they would like an army of pickpockets and big issue sellers to invade the Dordogne. Elections will tell whether Sarkhozy is doing what the French wish or not, not the unelectable EU.

I received a press release from the EU this morning that said:

Strasbourg, 17.09.2010 – Council of Europe Secretary General, Thorbjørn Jagland, in a meeting today with French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Pierre Lellouche, got full support for his initiative for action at the European level on issues related to the rights and obligations of Roma communities in Europe.

Jagland presented a catalogue of obligations to address what he described as “a complex pan-European issue that now needs concrete action”. The Secretary General proposes joint action between European Union, Council of Europe and their member states. “Together we have both the expertise and the resources, and the Council of Europe has the monitoring mechanisms that can ensure that obligations are respected” he said. French Secretary of State Lellouche expressed his full support for the Secretary General’s initiative.

The starting point for action will be Jagland’s initiative to hold a High Level Meeting on applicable Council of Europe and EU standards, which will also get the Council of Europe, the European Union and national governments working together. “It’s time now to move from words to action” Jagland said.

Roughly shoved through the bullshit filter, that appears to say

"Shit. We, the EU had better have some meetings. Can we please have some meetings France? We are supposed to be in charge, after all. Please?"

France is accused of breaking laws handed down by an unelected EU. Laws made by unelected bodies are not laws. They are diktats. There is no mechanism for us, the citizens to amend them. No redress, no ability to vote them down. And now, France and the French are beginning to learn that when you bow before a dictator in the hope of his benevolence, you may also incur his wrath. And the French have bowed very low indeed to the EU over the decades. Bring it on.....

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Seen outside a Primary School earlier

Protect the Borders

With the noise being created about how much of our children's money we will spend on defending Female Genital Mutilation or forced marriages, I would like to express my opinion on our armed services and the requirements of my ideal state of affairs

Libertarians adore peace. Peace brings prosperity, trade, learning, science and advancement. for the individual. War does the opposite. Peace gives the individual the opportunity to live his life how he decides. War gives the State the right to send it's citizens to their death. I am not a pacifist however. I do believe that our armed forces should be used to defend our borders and our property, just as I believe I have the right to defend my borders and property from those who would take it from me by force.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Rwanda etc,. are not our problems. They may concern our heavily lobbied State politicians but they have nothing to do with the UK citizen looking to live his life in peace. It may suit the Israeli lobby for David Cameron to send thousands of troops to Afghanistan but it does not suit me or you. It may suit the Arms dealers for Britain to send billions in Aid to Africa but it does not suit a retiree living on a state pension in Reigate.

So I suggest armed neutrality. Like the Swiss, the Irish and the Swedes - all known barbarians, living under oppressive foreign regimes because they failed to have nuclear weapons or aircraft carriers (although the Swiss do have a rubber dinghy). With the exception of the bog trotters, neutral countries thrive, free from supporting large military forces or joining pointless murderous expeditions to prop up some regime favourable to another murderous regime somewhere else.

Secure our borders and nothing else. No more flag draped coffins arriving back from Shitistan, no more hand wringing as Africans perform genocide on each other using weapons we supplied to ensure that the diamond markets in Antwerp or Hatton Garden can continue to thrive.

Round up the home grown Islamists and shred their passports. Stamp out the religious bigotry from our Scottish and Pig eyed Mick cousins and live in peace by respecting each others wish to live unhindered by each other, and by the State.

No trident, no aircraft carriers, no nuclear tactical subs or jets. A border police that does what it says on the tin, a small national army, navy and airforce and a Territorial army in case of crisis. Leaders that tell other greedy despots to fight their own battles, no matter what "special relationships" might be in place. A root and branch investigation into the Lobbyists and vested interests that are placed high above your needs and wishes by the corrupt 650 in Parliament. and most of all, peace to live our lives as we see fit.

Our children will thank us.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Welcome to the Priory Rehab Centre

Hear them scream, the bloated public sector. Hear their threats as they demand we the taxpayer do not reduce their ruinous demands for "just another quick fix of heroin".

The Police threaten civil disobedience if we dare to cut public funding to their "diversity" programmes or the ability to "retire on medical grounds" when caught killing innocent civilians.

Headmasters scream that the chiiiilllldddreeeeen will suffer if the extra 10% public funding they receive for labelling a child "stupid" is cut and the spoiled brat is simply told to get on with his work like the rest of the class without a hairy lipped sandalista being employed to make sure he can txt properly whilst threatening his teachers with a knife

Hear Dianne Abbott scream that "race relations" will suffer more by cutting public service jobs because they were the only people who would hire a black lesbian one legged Swahili translator fresh off the Asylum gravytrain from Calais

Hear the Unions scream as it dawns on them that the days of retiring to the Datcha by the sea in Cuba funded by our taxes is not going to happen and they will have to live like the rest of us

Addiction withdrawal is always painful, especially after 13 years of living in a crack den where socialists arranged daily visits to supply the wastrels it had created with yet another fix to ensure that they stayed in power.

We understand your pain, we understand your anxiety but until you are free of the slavery that is Socialism you will always chained to your dealer, begging for handouts, pleading for "just a little bit more, to see me through, I'll pay you back, honest"

Time to clean up, stand up and take responsibility for yourself, your family, your career and your life. Be your own master, control your own destiny and enjoy the freedom to earn what you want, own what you want and be the person you want to be. All of the things the dope dealing Socialist insists he can do better for you than you can. Saying "no, no, no" to rehab is not going to cut the ice anymore. If Castro can do it, so can you

Monday, 13 September 2010

Get out of jail free

You know that psycho Scots copper who smashed up a woman in his custody and was sent down for 6 months last week?

Guess what....he's out on bail

Mark Andrews, who was jailed for six months for assault caught on CCTV, granted bail ahead of appeal

Jobs for the boys

In the tradition of so many of Labours so called "fake charities" (whereby taxpayer money is simply handed to unelected third parties) it appears that the Shaw Trust has doing very well from the appointment of its ex managing director Tim Cooper to the Department of Work and Pensions. The very same Department of work and pensions that hands the Shaw Trust £46 MILLION pounds a year of your money and miraculously now appears to be the absolute favourite charity of Department of Work and Pensions Director and ex managing Director of Shaw Trust, er...Tim Cooper.

The Shaw Trust manages to employ 2562 people on an average of £47,351 per annum, including a raft of Directors. Nice work if you can get it, eh Tim?

Link to accounts

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Turf Wars: Are we together Comrades?

It is an absolute pleasure to see unelected Union officials threatening "poll tax" riots if spending cuts in the public sector go ahead. "The workers won't stand for it, the disadvantaged won't stand for it, the vulnerable, the weak, the excluded, none of them will stand for it" says a six figure salaried thug who extracts money by menaces every week as he tries to threaten some other six figure salaried thugs in Government who extract money from everyone under threat of violence and imprisonment every week.

The Mafias are threatening each other over who gets to steal our money.

I hope the masses do rise up. They'd be right to. Why are we being expected - nay, forced under threat of violence to hand over the same money for public services that will be at least 25% less than under a Socialist Junta? Why are union "dues" not being cut by the same 25% to reflect the new order?

The answer is of course to drop public services by 25%, drop income tax by 25%, cut bureaucracy by 25% and remove 25% of the insane laws we are forced to live under by the Mafias of the state in their guise as "Government of the people".

Me? I'd settle for 90% less government, as long as I'm charged 90% less for it. The tens of thousands I'd save every year would buy me the best healthcare, life insurance and education the world has to offer.

So I am happy to stand with the Unions on this one, bruvvers, sisters, comrades. How dare they cut public services yet keep sending us the same bill?


From the comments:

Bob Crow (RMT) - £79,564 in salary, £26,115 in pension contributions, £13,013 expenses
John Hannett (USDAW) - £81,742 salary, £16,389 pension contributions
Billy Hayes (CWU) - £83,530 salary, £14,190 pension contributions
Sally Hunt (UCU) - £63,743 salary, £7,612 pension contributions, £2705 car benefit (start of June 2006 to end of May 2007)
Paul Kenny (GMB) - £81,000 salary, £21,000 superannuation (pension contributions), £8,000 car
Dave Prentis (Unison) - £92,187 salary, £23,603 pension contributions, £11,646 expenses and car benefit
Derek Simpson (Unite-Amicus) - £62,673 salary, £16,156 pension contributions, £13,333 car allowance, £26,181 housing benefit (Derek Simpson now receives nearly £200,000 in pay and benefits, with his pay package increasing 17 percent this year. He also has the right to stay in his £800,000 house in Hertfordshire until he dies, after which his partner will be able to remain there at a heavily subsidised rate.
Simpson, according the Times, demanded that the union subsidise his accommodation to "make it affordable" - a perk worth about £40,00, bringing his total remuneration to £194,252.)
Mark Serwotka (PCS) - £82,094 salary, £26,104 pensions contributions, £2,245 additional housing cost allowance and additional housing cost supplement
Steve Sinnott (NUT) - £99,846 salary, £23,963 pension contributions
Tony Woodley (Unite-TGWU) - £59,333 salary, £9,552 pension contributions, car fuel £3,360
Matt Wrack (FBU) - £66,389 salary, £44,281 pension contributions, £5,134 car

These are the people calling for civil disobedience? These are the people who wont suffer if we do?

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Internal Exile in the UK.

Remember when we used to listen to horror stories about the Soviets who weren't allowed to visit where they wanted without the correct papers? Trapped by a brutal authoritarian regime that refused them the freedom to simply move about?

Simon Frodsham, 41, who was educated at a fee-paying private school, had his ASBO imposed seven years ago and it has three more years to run.

Yesterday he appeared in court for breaching the order for the 26th time – by walking down his home town's high street in Lytham, Lancs.

"It is now going on for seven years since this ASBO was brought into effect. Since then my client has spent 99 per cent of his time in prison.

"He feels it is all unfair and unnecessary. As in the other cases of him breaching the ASBO there was no crime, no theft, no abuse no threats. He was merely walking.

Read the whole sorry tale here

the Cuckoos in the nest

So, for clarity, let me recap

  • The head of Communications of our elected Government is a non elected Murdoch thug.
  • None of our elected representatives will tackle the actions of the unelected Christian Fundamentalist Oligarch Rupert Murdoch in case he turns his attentions to their seedy deeds and personal lives and exposes them to us, the voters - Cowards
  • The Police will not intervene because the unelected Christian Fundamentalist oligarch will do the same to them and expose them to us, their employers - Cowards
  • The Police are powerless, our MPs are powerless and our Parliament is powerless to protect us against the wishes and aims of a Christian Fundamentalist Oligarch based in New York - because they are nothing but self serving cowards

Remind me again why we need the State? Remind me again why you and I are forced to live under hundreds of thousands of worthless laws? Remind me again why the State relieves us of nearly £1 TRILLION of our own money every year under threat of violence and imprisonment? Remind me again why we are fighting these endless wars?

A message to the 650 elected Members of Parliament. Be warned. 15 years ago, there was no "internet", we did as we were told, paid our taxes and listened to your lies. We were unorganised peasants, wage slaves and unionised sheep grasping for snippets from the real world via Private Eye or dissident ex spies. The next 15 years of free information and cooperation by us, the people are going to expose more State treachery, deceit, coertion, manipulation, extortion, corruption and abuses of power than any of us can imagine.

If you choose to take our money and be a part of all of the above filth, expect no mercy from all 61 million of us when we finally decide the time to act is upon us. We are watching every single one of you. Always.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Hurley Burley in Parliament

Been a lively day in that lunatic asylum of Parliament as Chris Bryant got his knickers in a twist about how much power Government has and called for the right to summon witnesses and throw people in prison using the Sergeant at Arms. (checked, they can do ALL sorts of things under "Parliamentary Privilege", including put you in prison, forever. Article 271 HERE)

On the plus side, here he is kicking SkyNews's truly awful Kay Burley in the fucking teeth. Enjoy

Tear down the Berlin Wall

Jesus H Christ, what a sorry state of affairs.

Now that the Berlin Wall of 13 years of "progressive" Socialist policies has been cast aside, we can see the real damage. One in five households totally dependent on Welfare benefits, 9 million economically inactive, one on four jobs working for the State in Northern Ireland (in Northern hell holes like Middlesborough it's almost HALF), 7 million State employees, over £4 TRILLION in debt and still printing worthless money.

Great swathes of the UK are literally leeching off the remaining 14 million of us who work in the private sector and with no manufacturing industry left, there is little hope of us exporting anything to bring in the much needed funds.

Unlike the Germans, our work and family ethics no longer exist, stamped on by Politicians happily telling us they knew best and having a job and knowing at least the name of the father of your baby was not important. There is no healthy sector to support the rebuilding of a ruined country. We can't rely on smart entrepreneurial kids to find the solution because our education system doesn't produce them anymore in case a Somali immigrant child is offended by not obtaining 13 GCSE's after arriving in the back of lorry at Dover. Nobody has any capital to start a business anymore as it all got spent in taxes or hot tubs to impress the neighbours. Our work force is lazy and "entitlements" addicted, employing anyone is now so dangerous to any fledgling business that it's easier just not to bother. Our high streets are decimated by two supermarkets on the outskirts of every village whilst our farmers reclaim your tax money from Brussels by agreeing not to grow anything. Meanwhile, 747's full of Kenyan green beans or Israeli coriander leaves pour into our airports and we spend billions trying to teach tribal muslim fanatics not to be tribal muslim fanatics by shooting their children.

There is only one thing we can do. Reduce the size of the State. We cannot support it anymore. It is a luxury we cannot afford. The "right" to sit at home all day watching Jeremy Kyle, introduced in 1998 must be revoked. The "right" to demand cash for being overweight, cash for being "vulnerable", cash for breeding, cash for moving about, cash for a nice house, cash for a TV and cash for not being married has to stop. Government departments that shuffle endless bits of paper around whilst topping up the pensions of millions of otherwise unemployable have to go. Diversity coordinators, Civil enforcement wardens, heritage wardens - all of them utterly useless and unfit for purpose, created merely to police equally ridiculous and pointless legislation need to go.

And finally, our 650 MPs need to stop. Just fucking stop. Take the next 5 years off, stop fiddling, tweeking, adjusting and legislating. Just leave us alone and with some hard work, we'll fix it. We will, not you. You're the fuckers that took this nation to the level of ex socialist republic, you are not to be trusted ever again. Keep your pretty little jobs in Parliament, keep your pensions and expenses, just stay off the fucking radio and TV, stay out of the papers and stop your ruinous meddling with every single aspect of our simple little lives. I'm sick of your soundbites, your policy proposals, your think tanks, your laws and your ever increasing demands for money and taxes.

If I was a doctor, I'd be recommending the patient was packed off to Dignitas as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Beast is hungry....

Like others this morning, I was floored by the news that the State may take ALL of your pay directly and then hand you back what it thinks you may keep.

It is, I suppose the natural step for a state that wishes to control ever tiny aspect of our lives. Seven million work for the State, most of us now bank with the State, most of our hard earned money is already taken by force by the State, it does have a twisted logic that the Slavemaster takes control of the issuing of rations and clothing as well.

How to avoid it? How to take back ownership of YOUR labour and YOUR wealth from this vicious, brutal slavemaster? How to get and keep your hands on what you've earned before the State Mafia takes it all and throws you back some small change?

Not as difficult as you might imagine. But you are going to have to take the responsibility of working for yourself seriously if you want to starve the ever growing tumour that is the State.

Talk to your HR department about becoming a contractor, not an employee. Work out an hourly rate that will cover holidays, NI, sickness and suggest to them that you simply invoice them for your services instead of being part of the "machine". Many already do. It is extremely tax efficient as you take your wages as dividends from your own limited company (£60 or less to set up) and only pay corporation tax instead of income tax. If you can, ask to be paid weekly in cash. This keeps the State control of banks in check and allows you to put your money where YOU choose. I suggest Switzerland.

Let's be honest. Job security is zero anyway these days, pensions can be obtained privately and you'd be free to offer your services to other employers as well. Your taxes would be paid annually and a good accountant will minimise them to the level where you may laugh when you eventually pay your tax bill (in cash, in person) to the howling starving Beast.

We can expect more of this as the bloated Beast of Government finds ever more ways to ensure that instead of going on a diet, it continues to wallow in your cash, as it always has. If all else fails, remember, there really are only 650 of them AND we know where they all live. Now get back to work, that cotton isn't going to pick itself (due to the Tube trains you paid for being on strike, you'll need to walk to the fields. Don't be late, the beast is hungry)

Monday, 6 September 2010

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...

News in that Tony Blair has decided to cancel his appearance at Waterstones in Piccadilly on Wednesday is not entirely unexpected considering that hundreds are expected to try and perform a citizens arrest on him. However, news is coming in that he may be holding a secret book launch at the Tate Modern Gallery at 8pm on Wednesday instead....

See you there

UPDATE: Now confirmed by Sky News. Anyway, don't forget there is a £12,000+ reward just for attempting to put Tony Blair under citizens arrest

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Stop being so naive Iain...

As Mrs Dale is showing just how easy it is to take things at face value again as he rushes to defend Andy Coulson, I thought I'd give this little posting from Five Chinese Crackers a little more audience:

You might not have noticed because most of the British press seems curiously reluctant to cover it, but earlier in the week, the New York Times produced some new evidence that the Conservative party's chief spin doctor Andy Coulson knew much more about the phone hacking scandal of 2006 than he was letting on. Maybe they were too busy covering allegations regarding William Hague's sexuality, and his emotional revelations about not being gay that came out at the same time, handily and totally coincidentally for the Conservatives' spin doctor. Ahem. The New York Times' full investigation is due to appear on Sunday. Maybe the press haven't covered it because they're waiting for that. (Hat tip - TabloidWatch). Perhaps the most disturbing revelation in the New York Times Story, as Tom watson says in this post at Jack of Kent, is this:
The New York Times also suggests, for the first time, direct police collusion with a commercial media organisation, an unnamed senior investigator alleging that a Scotland Yard press officer stressed the department’s “long-term relationship with News International”.
A Scotland Yard press officer allegedly urging the police to go easy on the News of the World because of an alleged "long-term relationship with News International"? Whatever could he have meant? In June 2006, the Metropolitan Police carried out a disatrously bungled raid on the home of two brothers, Abdul Koyair and Abdul Kahar, alleged to be in posession of chemical weapons. They actually weren't. The 250 police involved in the raid found no explosives or chemical weapons, but did manage to shoot one of the brothers, Abdul Kahar, in the process of turning up nothing. The BBC reported at the time:
One report suggests his brother Abul Koyair shot him. Both are under arrest and deny involvement in terrorism.
Guess which paper reported that the police didn't shoot Kahar in the raid, but his own brother did - an allegation that turned out to be totally false, by the way. Later, after the police bungling was revealed for what it was, allegations that Abdul Kahar had been found with child porn on his mobile phone was leaked to the press. Guess which paper broke the story. Another allegation that appeared in the press that had the handy effect of making the brothers look a bit dodgy was the revelation that they were found with large amounts of cash - not so odd when you realise that devout Muslims often avoid banks as interest is seen as forbidden. Which paper broke this news I wonder? A week after the raid, one paper alleged, falsely, that one brother had a criminal record, while another alleged, falesly, that one committed an offence as a juvenile. Guess which company owns these papers. The Forest Gate raid was not the only bungled operation by police in 2005 and 2006. Jean Charles de Menesez was infamously shot dead by armed police who mistook him for an attempted suicide bomber in 2005. In 2006, while the News of the World was being investigated for the phone hacking scandal, completely false allegations that de Menezes had raped a woman appeared in the press. Which part of the press broke that story? The first two stories appeared first in the News of the World. The third appeared first in News of the World sister paper, the Sun. The fourth appeared first in News International's the Times, and the fifth in the Sun. The sixth seems to have been broken by the Sun. The Scotland Yard press officer involved denies attempting to repress information and says he cannot recall the events in the New York Times article, of course. But if there was a "long-term relationship" between the Metropolitan Police and News International that led to the police perhaps not investigating phone hacking at the News of the World quite as hard as they could, what sort of thing could the Met expect in return, do you think?

Iain, in the deep and murky waters of Politics, things are rarely as they seem and the public are rarely as stupid as you take them for. Especially when it comes to London's Finest

++Eggs and Shoes thrown at Tony Blair in Dublin++


Remember, you have an opportunity to meet and greet Tony at Waterstones, Piccadilly at 1pm on Wednesday 8th September. See you there....

Friday, 3 September 2010

Seen today...

Sits Vac - Special Advisor to the Foreign Office

A position has arisen within the office of the Foreign Secretary for a Special Advisor to the Right Honourable William Hague MP, Foreign Secretary of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of HM Government.

Candidates should possess the following skills

  • A deep understanding of International Trade Relations, preferably gained within the commercial environment of a leading FTSE 100 company. Ex COO or CFO experience preferred
  • Fluency in at least two foreign languages
  • Culturally aware - Diplomatic experience preferred
  • Solid media experience, preferably gained within an International organisation
  • Politically astute - Post Degree educated, specialising in Business or International Relations

A width and breath of experience commensurate with this critical role in advancing the aims and aspirations of a G8 country. Your advice will shape future foreign policy of the United Kingdom from Arms trading to International Aid, Defense policy to the Middle East, energy supplies, Immigration, Climate change policy and Global relations. Lengthy documented success in any of the above areas will be required. Your judgement will be impeccable and your references spotless.

You will also be subject to rigorous Intelligence Service vetting as this critical role is exposed to our adversaries as well as our friends, globally. You will show wisdom, clarity of thought, lateral thinking, complex problem solving and project management skills. You will be an excellent communicator, able to take responsibility and accountability and act as a motivational mentor to your juniors within the civil service.

25 year old Yorkshire cab drivers who expose the Foreign Secretary to possible blackmail threats by foreign intelligence services and bring the security of the UK Foreign Office into threat need not apply unless they fancy finding themselves in a padlocked sportsbag in the bath.

We welcome applications reagrdless of gender, ethnicity, religion, disability or sexual orientation. Don't expect to get the job if you are a Muslim poof. It's called security and we at the Foreign Office take it very seriously, starting now.

UPDATE: Oopps. Now I've gone and done it

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Dealing with the Mafia

I hate Albanians. They are without doubt the most corrupt nation in Europe, peddlers of underage sex slaves, gangsters, hoodlums and outright dangerous. Ask the Police of any European nation about the last 20 years and they will tell you that the Albanian mafia has laid waste the notion that underworld crime has any "honour" attached to it. The whole country is pretty much run as a Fiefdom by a mere 14 feuding families whilst their offspring wage bloody turf wars in our capital cities.

I was slightly surprised them to find that our masters in Brussels have been handing them OUR money hand over fist. €55 BILLION so far, presumably so that they may join the EU on equal terms.

Feel free to see how much of YOUR money, (extracted under pain of violence or imprisonment of course, in true Mafia style) is spread amongst the "needy" throughout the world.

EU Grants

Off Topic, but a quick chat with Fat Poof Mrs Dale and myself on LBC Radio earlier

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

And away with Myers

So I see that Guidos campaign to expose the hypocrisy in hiring one of the unqualified Yorkshire Mafia to drive William Hague around has succeeded and Myers, the 25 year old "Special Advisor " to our Foreign Secretary has resigned.

The blogosphere has exploded today with Mrs Dale first on the bandwagon (a "gay story", to be expected) with others jumping in from the Looney Left to outraged Tories.

Let me explain a little about Guido. He hates Politicians. Full stop. If they are going to use OUR money to support their private agendas, then in his opinion (and mine) they are fair game.

I am going to ignore the rabid shouts of "homophobe". You do not, as a millionaire Foreign Secretary of this country invite 25 year old gay men to spend the night in your hotel room. The CEO of BMW wouldn't do it because his shareholders would throw him out. I see no difference.

PS:I now reserve the right to shout "heterophobe" at the top of my voice. Right back at you

UPDATE: Fat Poof Mrs Dale is "inconsolable" that a young gay man may have lost his job due to the awful Guido Fawkes and is ashamed to be a "political blogger"

He forgets to mention his own hate campaign against someones career earlier this summer, of course. God help whoever ends up as his *cough* personal assistant

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