Saturday, 31 July 2010

what a diffference a day makes...

I knew those pigs masks would come in handy again

Yesterday, I was out with various political groups ranging from the Freedom Association and UKIP to Class War and Socialist Worker (and everything in between) protesting that no one will be prosecuted for the videoed assault of an innocent man, Iain Tomlinson.

With a bitter irony, a man was sent to prison just this week for throwing an egg (scream!) at one of our Masters, Baroness Warsi.

Then this morning, I awake to read the joyful news that no charges will be pressed against the officers who did this to an innocent man.

Until our Police can be held accountable by us, their employers, there will be no peace. Time for all of us to withdraw our consent and become Freedom Wardens

Friday, 30 July 2010

Join me at the CPS at Noon

At noon today, I will be at the offices of Mr Creedy himself , Kier Starmer to protest at the disgraceful unaccountability of the Metropolitan Police

Join me if you can.

Criminal Prosecutions Service (unless you are a Policeman)
Rose Court,
2 Southwark Bridge
London SE1 9HS

UPDATE: MPs in court today. Guido has the story

UPDATE 2: Lord Prescott, the mouth of the humber, is at the Chilcott inquiry today. Expect hilarity

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Personal Bullying by the State

I often wondered about the ASBO. To be frank, I never understood them and am more than happy to see the back of them. I don't believe they reduce crime simply because an ASBO is issued for something that isn't actually a crime. If it was, you could charge the "offender" under current laws and they could have their day in court.

Instead, the ASBO was created to be the most unjust "punishment" for behaviour that someone decided you and you alone were not allowed to display and if you ignored them, you went to prison.

Think about that for a moment. You go to prison having commited no crime and with no jury to judge you. Anyone else can display the same behaviour as you and will face no punishment but you and you alone, will go to prison.

Some examples of the state bullying an individual can be found here

We already have laws against anti social behaviour. We don't need the state making up new ones to pick on individuals. Good riddance, Asbo.

A 60-year-old man from Northampton was banned from dressing as a schoolgirl.

Peter Trigger dressed as a schoolgirl

Peter Trigger's Asbo stopped him from wearing skirts or showing bare legs on school days between 0830 and 1000 and 1445 and 1600
a bid to ban an 18-year-old from wearing low-slung trousers was dropped earlier this year. Ellis Drummond, 18, from Rushden, Northants, was instead barred from using threatening behaviour and demanding money.
A "militant atheist" who left explicit images in a prayer room at Liverpool John Lennon Airport was given a five-year Asbo in April.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

ASDA shoppers are mutants, says Mayor

Get ready for Cold Turkey

We all sat back and watched Labour build a client base of the feckless, the idle and the worthless. Thirteen long years of watching the pubs on council estates grow ever more busy at lunchtimes, a rapid rise in the number of amusement arcades and betting shops in the high streets, along with row after row of Dominoes Pizzas and Fried Chicken shops blighting our towns. In a word, shameless

What was financing this destruction of civil society? Where was the money coming from to allow people to simply squander their time and cash on well...nothing?

Readers, I give you incapacity benefit. The pay rise for the useless. £89 a week instead of £64 on the dole. And naturally, Labour were keen to make sure it's core vote were rewarded so at the slightest ache from pulling on one arm bandits all day or the groggy headache from six pints of White Lightning, a visit to Dr Onwonkwe would see a raise of 50% in your benefits.

Naturally, businesses were instructed that we were becoming a nation of cripples and were forced to install ramps and lifts, handicapped bogs and disabled parking so that the kebab bloated unemployable were not in any way inconvenienced by real life.

Guess what. You've been rumbled. That limp you picked up playing five a side soccer is no reason for you not to earn your own wage. That anxiety attack you have every time you realise you might have to get a job is about to get very real for a change.

76% of those claiming incapacity benefit have just been found out as fraudsters and are now looking at a 30% reduction in their beer and fags money. All 1.8 MILLION of them, including the 2,000 who were simply "too fat" to work.

I have no problem with you not working. There are plenty of Poles happy to take your job, pay their taxes and integrate into British society. Where the problem lies, is in me funding your idleness, so that you can vote for the Party that promises to wipe your arse for you. I can hear the screams of outrage from Wales as I type. I can sense the fear in the faces of the tattooed football shirted shaved apes as they drizzle into their Stella.

When we have finished with you, you will have responsibility, an income of your own, some self respect and some money in your pocket. We will break your addiction to free (other peoples) money and hopefully you will value the cash in your pocket because you earned it. It won't slip so easily into the hands of Kebab sellers or scratchcard booths.

You can of course opt out by simply not claiming any benefit. I'd encourage it. You'd be amazed how little you can get by on when you concentrate, and this will focus your minds perfectly

Get ready for cold turkey, then freedom from welfare slavery.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

+++UN inspector Blix says war illegal+++


The difference between a Tory and a Libertarian

Many assume that Libertarianism is the far right of Toryism or indeed, the far left of anarchy. It isn't. It is simply the right to live your life unmolested by the State or others

Well done Dave, more please. Guido disagrees

the Bonfire



*UK Film Council
*Museums, Libraries and Archives Council
*Advisory Council on Libraries
*Legal Deposit Advisory Panel
*Advisory Committee on Historic Wreck S ites


*Health Protection Agency (HPA)
*National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA)
*National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse
*Alcohol Education and Research Council
*Appointments Commission (CQC)
*Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (by end of this Parliament)
*Human Tissue Authority
*Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (to be made a self-funding body by charging a levy on regulators)

*NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement


*General Teaching Council
*Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency
*British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA)


p class="font-null"> *All eight regional Government Offices: South-West, South-East, East Midlands, West Midlands, East of England, North-West, Yorkshire & the Humber and North-East
*Eight out of the nine regional development agencies (the exception being London) and some of their local subsidiaries: Advantage West Midlands, East Midlands Development Agency, Yorkshire Forward, South-West Regional Development Agency, South-East England Development Agency, East of England Development Agency, North-West Regional Development Agency, One North-East
*Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property policy (SABIP)
*SITPRO (Simplifying International Trade)
*Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Advisory Body (WAB)
*British Shipbuilders Corporation
*Learning & Skills Improvement Service
*Institute for Learning
*Standards and Verification UK
*Hearing Aid Council
*Investors in People UK


*National Policing Improvement Agency


*Sustainable Development Commission (funding withdrawn)
*Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution
*Agricultural Wages Board, the 15 Agricultural Wages Committees, the 16 Agricultural Dwelling House Advisory Committees and the Committee on Agricultural Valuation
*Inland Waterways Advisory Council
*The Commons Commissioners
*Infrastructure Planning Commission
*Commission for Rural Communities



*UK Sport and Sport England
*National Lottery Commission with the Gambling Commission



*Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, English Heritage, Heritage Lottery Fund, National Heritage Memorial Fund – could be merged
*Advisory Committee on National Historic Ships (declassified, functions transferred to another body)
*Theatres Trust (declassified, so can act as an independent statutory advisory body)
*Churches Conservation Trust (could be declassified, pending talks with the Church of England)
*Visit England and Visit Britain (status, role and functions will change)
*Design Council (under review)


*Local Better Regulation Office
*ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service)
*Local Better Regulation Office
*Ofcom (in the short term it is losing its policy making power)


*Food Standards Agency (its responsibilities have been much reduced)


*Carbon Trust (could be merged into new UK Green Investment Bank)


*Partnership for Schools (school-building)
*Training and Development Agency (was facing the axe, but may now be spared)


*Children's Commissioner for England – under review
*Equality and Human Rights Commission – has been accused of wastefulness by Home Secretary and faces further cuts

Going for gold

Whilst the powerful and the good pat themselves on the back this morning over their "success" at the progress of the Olympic village, it might be worth reminding the people paying for it all what exactly is the price of a British Olympic medal.

  • Gold: £19 Million
  • Silver £19 Million
  • Bronze: £7 Million

And that's without building an Olympic village or Stadiums. That's just what we spend on training athletes to beat other athletes to show the world that the British way of life is the best in the world, rather like the East Germans, the Chinese and the Russians used to during the cold war. Even if they haven't got any legs.

Why are we building a whole new complex? To prove that we can. Even if we can't fucking afford it, there is no way on God's Earth we are going to let the Joneses next door know that we are skint and will be handing our debts on to our grandchildren.

Has anyone been to East London lately? Apart from being the world's largest buidling site, it is also a suburb of Bangladesh. The only local regeneration is the building of Mosques and five a side football pitches so da local yoof have somewhere to stab each other whilst dealing in heroin.

Why couldn't we have done Greece a big favour and said "you have it". You've just built everything needed, you're skint and it seems a shame just to let all that stuff go to waste. Nope. Political ambitions come first. So Boris will take his seat on opening night and beam at the world whilst handing you and I the bill for his place in history.

When the party is over, the canoe courses, the velodrome and numerous other purpose built structures will slowly fall into decay or be converted to halal abbatoirs or Madrasses to cater for "local needs".

What a bag of shite.

the Devil you know

Call me cynical, but if I wanted to maintain a massive military presence in the Middle East in order to look after the vested interests of oil companies and arms manufacturers, the last thing I would actually want is to catch Osama bin Laden.

From Wikileaks

“These meetings take place once every month, and there are usually about 20 people present. The place for the meeting alternates between Quetta and villages (NFDG) [no further details given] on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The top four people in these meetings are [Taliban leader] Mullah Omar, Osama bin Laden, Mullah Dadullah and Mullah [Baradar].”
What a tangled web we weave....

Monday, 26 July 2010

It's my party...

I have read the “Churchill Speech” by Justice Minister, Crispin Blunt, which he gave to the NACRO, West Norwood Centre, on 22 July 2010. It is a fine speech, extending to eleven pages. In my view, Crispin Blunt should feel proud of its content and delivery. And yet, he came under attack by the Sun and Daily Mail when they focused on a small section of the speech headed Arts and events in Prisons. The internet joined in the affray, in particular Iain Dale’s Diary, Tim Montgomerie of Conservative Home, and Jonathan Sheppard of Tory Radio. Then David Cameron reacted. Notably Kenneth Clarke has remained silent in this affair. The Sun and Daily Mail gleefully reported on Saturday that Cameron has slapped down Blunt.

Our Criminal Justice System, of which prisons are but a part, is in a fine old mess. So, it is essential that reforms are implemented. In Hirst v UK (No2), the Prisoners Votes Case, the Grand Chamber decided that it was not acceptable to deny convicted prisoners their human right to vote based purely upon what might offend public opinion. By the same token, the MoJ should not shy away from much needed prison reforms on the basis that they might offend the owners and/or editors of such as the Sun and Daily Mail.

In The Fear Factory, it was disclosed how certain elements of the media deliberately distorted the news for its own ends and in the process had some politicians reacting to the headlines and editorials in a knee-jerk fashion. In his speech Blunt attacked Jack Straw for doing precisely this. It is superbly ironic that it now appears that Cameron is guilty of the same kind of knee-jerkism. These newspapers are bought and read by voters, nevertheless democracy is not best served by politicians acting irrationally to irrational reporting. Especially when the media are being fed such stories by the militant Prison Officer’s Association which is against prison reforms. The same media rather conveniently has ignored reporting upon Prison Service Instruction 37/2010 which is titled "Prisoners’ Access to the Media". A more apt title would be denying prisoners' access to the media! The PSI flies in the face of R (on the application of) Hirst v Secretary of State for the Home Department, CO/3189/2001. Kenneth Clarke's media gag on prisoners is unlawful. It is worth remembering that the last time an attempt was made to silence the Prisoners Voice, it cost the taxpayers £112m to repair and refurbish Strangeways Prison following the riot of April 1990.

It is not clear whether David Cameron’s knee-jerk reaction was simply a response to the media response to Arts and events in Prisons, or whether he was also furious about Crispin Blunt’s joke comparing the inmates and the institution of the Bullingdon Club with H.M. Prison Bullingdon. It is said, truth hurts. In The Fear Factory, Dominic Grieve admits that he has committed the criminal offences of assault and criminal damage.

I blogged at the time that I could not see how given his confession he was fit to become the next Secretary of State for Justice. Sensibly, he was moved aside by the powers that be and Kenneth Clarke was instead given the job. Which begs the question: ‘Why are we hearing from the oil rag and not the engine driver?’. If everything has to be first cleared by Number 10, we might as well do away with all the various departments and return to Blair’s Sofa Cabinet!

John Hirst, Jailhouse Lawyer

you bastards

It always struck me as amazing that the Russians had such a torrid time in Afghanistan, regularly wiped out whole villages, had their soldiers kidnapped and beheaded and generally couldn't wait to get out agin whilst our troops have #cough# spent the last eight years handing out sweets to children and building hospitals and womens clinics.

Old Holborn food for thought Part One:

  • Remove all troops from Afghanistan. This afternoon.
  • No spare parts for Afghanistan. Nothing. No oil filters, no TVs, no nappies
  • Anyone with an Afghani passport refused access anywhere.
  • All aid to Pakistan cancelled. This afternoon.
  • Seal the borders of Afghanistan. Turn it into a working Islamic museum.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Dressing up Time

Right you lot. It's been a while but it is time to put on the boots, dust off the cloak, adorn the mask and tell the powers that be that enough is enough.

Join me and others (including *gasp* people who may not hold the same Political view as you) at the offices of the Criminal Prosecution Service on July 30th at noon to protest at the CPS and Mr Creedy himself, Kier Starmer.

It is unacceptable that the Police may assault the public and face no charges. The Police are our servants and do not belong to Politicians or quangos. If you feel the death of Ian Tomlinson was an accident, he shouldn't have been there or he somehow deserved it, feel free to decline this invitation. If you would like to remind those who are entrusted by us, sworn by oath to protect us and paid by us to behave in a civil manner to us, their employers, then join me at Noon next Friday in Southwark.

Bring cameras, drinkies after in the now famous Boot and Flogger followed by oysters in Borough Market. It is our city. We built it. It belongs to us. Be free to enjoy it, no matter what the CPS or the Police might think.

We need to nip bad behaviour by our employees in the bud. It is our duty.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

A match made in heaven..

Tangent produce quite a few of Labour supporting websites, including Labourlist and more recently Gordon "Mental" Brown's new website. In classic Gordon style, just one criticism of it by Luke Bozier and the Nokia's are flying.....

Fair enough, it's an opinion. However, the threats from Tangent didn't take long....

Tangent. Please make more Labour sites, you're a natural and with the above communication have really captured the zeitgeist of both Gordon and the last 13 years of the Labour "administration" beautifully.

UPDATE: Tangent are spreading their special magic. The Dutch Socialist Party have hired them too!

Africa couldn't give a shit.

Gordon the madman has broken cover and is now advocating an "African Century" where presumably we plough yet more money into the basket case of humanity called Africa.

You would think that by now the lessons learned from Africa would be apparent. In case they aren't, allow me to outline a few of the "issues" with Africa.

They are a tribal people. Lines on a map mean nothing to them, democracy means nothing to them. What the chief says, the tribe do. If that means slaughtering the neighbouring tribe, so be it.

Wealth is to be plundered. if your tribe is better than the rest, then you need to show it with Learjets, diamond encrusted AK47's and 300 wives.

Work is for idiots and women. Your job, as an African man is to fuck as many women as possible and sit under a tree all day whilst they do the menial work.

The White man is the source of all wealth. Grab as much of it as you can via email scams, corruption, "aid" or simple theft. It is your duty. It will bring you many women and a diamond encrusted Learjet

Africans do not consume. This is because most Africans are perfectly happy sitting under a tree all day. Not for them a plasma TV or an iPad, a mortgage or a summer holiday. the only need for money is to buy diamond encrusted AK47's to impress the women. So you can fuck more of them.

Africa is the most resource rich continent on the planet, yet no one cares. Sitting under a tree is more important than playing golf or human rights.

Yes, people starve in Africa because their favourite tree is not near a water hole. That does not mean however that Oxfam drill for water nearer the tree. It means find another tree nearer water.

Gordon is upset that less than 1% of Africa has access to broadband. A quick look at my junkmail folder tells me this is a GOOD thing. If you give Africans broadband, they will sit under a tree on the Internet. They have as much use for Internet as an Eskimo has for a steam iron.

In summary. Africa is good for nothing because Africans are good for nothing in our twisted view of human "perfection". It is our "guilt" complex that send billions in aid to be swallowed up by greedy tribal chiefs. Democracy, consumerism, peace, entrepreneurship, rights and harmony mean absolutely fuck all to an African. It is not OUR problem that Africans think this way. Ironically, it isn't even their problem. They simply couldn't care less. Just keep sending the money, eh, you evil white man?

Further reading here: Africa is giving nothing to anyone - apart from Aids

One rule for them....

I love Freedom of Information requests. I use them all the time to make the lives of those who would attempt to rule me hell. Seems fair, if you're going to take my money under threat of imprisonment, the very least you can do is tell me what you intend to do with it.

Alas, our Parliament has decided it need not respond to Freedom of Information requests. It is of course breaking the very law it introduced but that matters not. The main thing is that we are kept ignorant.

An example?

Well, would you vote for an MP who racks up a bar bill of thousands (already subsidised by you and me) and simply refuses to pay? Of course you wouldn't. Which is why despite THREE warnings, Parliament did not release the details of 200 MPs who managed to quaff their way through £140,000 of cheap booze until May 19th- after the election.

Will Parliament be held to account? Will someone be punished? Of course not.

I recommend we all ask Parliament again for the names of those who do not pay their bills. It would be fun to find out if Mark Reckless has settled his account yet after getting so drunk he could not vote.

Off you go, you know you want to

Friday, 23 July 2010

++IPCC backed manslaughter prosecution++

Well, well. The INDEPENDENT Police complaints commission wanted a prosecution for manslaughter against PC Simon Harwood who violently assaulted an innocent man at the G20 protests.

I'm not surprised. PC Harwood has a violent history. He used to work for the Metropolitan but ten years ago was forced to resign (on medical grounds, of course) after a violent road rage incident. Naturally, this was ignored when he then applied to work for Surrey Police, where he also got into hot water for aggressive behaviour. Amazingly, he then simply transferred back to the Metropolitan Police who had "eased" him out three years previously.

It was a miracle he was even identified. He covered his ID numbers on duty and had to be reported by fellow officers for him to come forward. He has since been suspended and is relaxing on full pay until, eventually, he will be found not guilty of anything.

This is not a bad apple spoiling the system. The system is the bad apple. How can the Met accept back a known violent employee? How can the Met defend a violent known thug in their ranks?

Simple. The Metropolitan Police know they need never account for the actions of their officers. Not one Met policeman has EVER been prosecuted for killing a civilian whilst on duty. The CPS is designed to protect the Police and by default their political masters in Whitehall from us, the public, the very people they are sworn to serve. It conspired to ensure that no assault charge could be brought "due to time restraints".

Our Police force is no longer fit for purpose. It ignores the 9 principles of policing as set down by Robert Peel. It protects and defends the criminals within it's ranks. It abuses the powers invested in it by you and me, the people paying for it. It usurps the judiciary and is accountable only to politicians, elected by minorities.

If PC Simon Harwood was a nightclub bouncer, he would now have lost his licence and be sitting in prison, repaying his debt to society and the Tomlinson family. Instead, he is sitting at home in Carshalton on full pay, will soon be free to resume his State sanctioned thuggery and can look forward to a fat pension at our expense as his reward.

Never let it be said again that a copper's lot is not a happy one. I can hear the laughing Policeman from here.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

++ Police will face no charges after killing Ian Tomlinson ++

Yet again, or rather AS EVER, the police will face no charges after violenting assaulting a law abiding member of the public, lawfully going about his peaceful business, resulting in his death.

Keep up the good work lads. Where there was one Raoul Moat, there are now ten and counting.

I am beyond angry, you bastards

Crown Prosecution Service London

3rd floor, New King's Beam House
22 Upper Ground, London, SE1 9BT

Tel: 0207 796 8000

UPDATE 1. Demonstration by the Tomlinson family outside Scotland Yard today at 1pm. The first of many, I suspect.

New Scotland Yard
8-10 Broadway
Westminster, London SW1H 0BG

Update 2. By a strange coincidence, it is also exactly 5 years to the day since a violent gang of London thugs calling themselves "the Police" executed an innocent electrician. No one has been caught, no further inquiries are ongoing.

Some logic for you....

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Big Society

There seems to be some confusion over Dave's new "initiative". Allow me to explain.

A big society starts with a small group of people doing something good for other people for free. It is not forced upon others, no one is charged for it, you cannot claim it as a human right, you cannot sue if you do not receive it. It is "a choice" whether you take part in it or reject it.

So, if some people decide to start up a free to join youth group which teaches children confidence, authority, respect, comradeship, essential life skills, tolerance and fun, you call it "Scouting".

If the government however starts up a compulsory youth group which teaches children obedience to authority and respect for the Party, you call "Young Pioneers"

Now of course under Labour, we saw 13 years of publicly funded young pioneers in the shape of Crucial Crew roadshows, Urdu Rap concerts, Rasta five a side contests, Jamaican graffiti workshops and African breakdance equality collectives. Because if anyone is going to control da yoof, it's going to be a Socialist government. Using your money and employing the worst qualified people to do it.

So now every town has astro turfed playing fields where da yoof can stab each other, street volleyball courts where drugs are dealt and the ever popular "drop in centre" where every teenager can get an unqualified fat middle aged lesbian to fill out the forms for "entitlements" from the taxpayer who is busy hiding behind a double locked front door in suburbia.

Dave is suggesting that if you want a football pitch for da yoof, you ask the parents of da yoof to pay for it, instead of government via the taxpayer. Likewise, if you feel that da yoof absolutely requires a graffiti sprayed "fun bus" to travel around the county handing out condoms and advice on how to survive homophobia in the classroom, you raise the money yourselves.

It is not about "fending for yourself". It is about finding people who believe in the same cause you do and getting them to put their money where their mouth is, instead of other peoples money. You see, when you put your own money in, it's an investment. When you use other peoples money, it is merely funding (something labour still have to comprehend).

So let us imagine a situation where communities have built their own leisure facilities. They are free from state cutbacks, free from political interference by 650 MPs, free from"management", free from equality bollocks, don't need to have Muslim only swimming days or athletics competitions that don't allow anyone to lose and everyone needs to get a medal, even the kid with no arms and legs. They are free to run what they decided (and paid for) is the best for them.

More to the point, if they don't like how it is being run, they can go and shout at the mayor relaxing over a pint instead of facing a wall of bureaucracy and vested interests in the Ministry of Everything in London and Brussels.

Start to take back what the State decided you were simply not qualified to own. Your life.

Motto of the day: The richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least. Including government

Public Sector Worker?

Get used to it....

Monday, 19 July 2010

What did Raoul Moat teach us?

Raoul Moat is gone; shot to death.

He died face-down and surrounded by armed police. It’s not yet clear whether he was killed by his own weapon or by the projectile from a Tazer rifle.

But Moat’s death does clearly illustrate the futility of our Nanny-State.

During the hunt for Raoul Moat, the police cordoned an area of some 12 square miles. The best advice that they could give to the residents was “lock your doors and hide”.

We have never seen a more effective demonstration of the way in which the British people have been dis-empowered by Government. The safety of those people within the cordon, was wholly dependent upon the police; and a healthy dose of luck. And luck played a big part, because “luckily” Moat had no interest in killing randomly. We know that, during the manhunt, he broke into the homes of the public and was seen walking in the streets of the village. Had he wished, he could have taken lives.

The people of Rothbury got lucky. Moat was not a madman. He carefully chose all three of his victims.

It seems to me that we have made a very bad bargain with the State. We have relinquished our right to effective self-defence. We have been sold a deal by successive Governments. It’s not a very good deal, but it goes like this, “Guns are dangerous. You are unfit to own them, even for your own defence. But, you need not worry, for the Police Force shall take responsibility for your safety.”

The Moat debacle has revealed the lie. The State is incapable of protecting the individual. The hunt for this man involved 600-odd armed police, dogs, helicopters, armoured cars and even fast jets. Yet, he evaded capture for 8 days…one man, with a double-barrelled shotgun. He “tied-up” one tenth of the UK’s armed police and brought a community to a fearful standstill.

Imagine what ten such men could do. Or a hundred.

And the police’ own estimates reveal that there are some 4 million illegally-held guns in the UK. That’s despite the banning and the legislation and the amnesties and the confiscations. The bad guys are well armed.

There is just one policeman on duty for every 1800 members of the public. How can we be so dumb as to demand that they be responsible for our personal safety?

Firearms legislation in the UK is ill-conceived, but it is the supreme exemplar of Orwellian double-speak. Because the real message from Government is this … “ your personal safety is predicated upon your being defenceless.”

That’s where we are at in 2010. We are a nation of adults, none of whom has the right to effective defence of his self, his family or his neighbours. And, if that makes perfect sense to you, then pat yourself on the back; because you truly are a “Progressive”.

the healing power of Bonjela

Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the North of England feeding, yesterday

Today could be a big day for the fat spoiled brat that is society. Dave is promising to start weaning the ever hungry state baby off the Welfare tit in a bid to get huge offspring of 13 years of Labour to start taking it's own steps in the big wide world. About time too.
Weaning conflict occurs when the mother wishes to stop nursing but the infant wishes to continue. At this point, the mother tries to force the infant to cease nursing, while the infant attempts to coerce the mother to continue. From an evolutionary perspective, weaning conflict may be considered the result of the cost of continued nursing to the mother, perhaps in terms of reduced ability to raise future offspring, exceeding the benefits to the mother in terms of increased survival of the current infant.
Go for it Dave. The petulant screaming monster Labour created will scream, it will holler, it will throw all it's toys out of the pram and wriggle and shake it's way through tantrum after tear filled tantrum. It will bare it's teeth, the ones that have caused so much pain as it sucked greedily at the benefit nipple. It will scream "abandonment" and tell everyone it meets that it is a victim of child cruelty and neglect and that it should have a new foster parent that feeds it twice as much to keep it from "poverty" and "starvation" whilst like a cuckoo, it attempts to silence the competition.

It will keep us up at night with nappy changes, it will continue to demand our full attention until one day, it will pick up a spoon and feed itself. As ALL children do. Before w2e know it, it will be walking in the garden and planting seeds in a little patch to watch things grow all. Nurturing it's own future, tidying up it's own room and putting things away all by itself.

The rod has been spared for a generation or more and we are left to deal with the frightful result. Sack the wet nurse, ignore the red faced screams. It's time this bastard child of social engineering fended for itself.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Ban this evil filth

Do you find this "frightening, intimidating, segregational and an affront to the liberty of women?"

Me neither. I see two consenting adults doing as they please and not adversely affecting the lives of anyone else. However, 67% of the population want to ban people dressing how they like. They want to introduce LAWS that prohibit people dressing as they choose. Now of course, as a democrat, I will defend both the right of people to dress as they wish and the opinion of the majority in wanting to ban them from doing it. But if it leads to less of this, then expect me to take sides.

If you see the burqa as a problem, treat the symptom first. And when you're finished, go after the Amish, Hassidic Jews, Punks, plate lipped Indians, Sikhs, Tuareg's, Aborigines, Eskimos and anyone else who chooses for whatever reason to dress differently than you.

PS. It's been tried before. If you want unity, don't dictate (with laws) what clothes you think it should wear in public

Give us a hand, Infidel

Further to my post below on State funded (taxpayer funded) "charities", I awoke to the dulcet tones of some Indian ex foreign minister telling me that India would be astonished if the UK were to simply hand out £250 million in aid to them. They do after all, have a space program and whilst they have always been grateful for our surplus taxes, it wasn't really as much as a drop in the ocean that is India's finances.

Then we were rushed over to BBC Kabul (live) where the beeboid dictated to us that we simply MUST send an extra £400M to Kabul instead as the head of corruption had sorted out the problems caused by the leader of the 2nd most corrupt nation on Earth handing out billions to his brother and other cronies and had appointed the head of corruption himself. So there.

Just last month, the Americans decided not to send any more tax dollars to Kabul, as the regime simply bundled them straight back into chartered jets and deposited it all in private bank accounts in Dubai. Billions of them. So it was refreshing to hear that every man, woman and child in the massively indebted UK is now being forced to hand over £7 each to a ruthless and corrupt warlord in Shitistan, whilst our soldiers soak up the excess bullets keeping him in the style to which he has very much become accustomed.

The NWO is meeting in Kabul on 20-21st July to make sure that YOUR money is redistributed to those who need it most. Whether you like it or not.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

It begins at home, not in Whitehall

The first squeals of terror are starting to eminate from the bloated "charities" sector, frightened that the rivers of money flowing from the taxpayer is about to dry up.

Lest we forget, many charities are simply government funded departments, totally unaccountable, completely unelected and hell bent on spending your money how their political masters see fit. From the wonderful fakecharities website

Burn them to the ground and salt the Earth. Charity begins at home, not in your tax bill.


Addaction—well-paid lobby group, wants higher alcohol prices
Alcohol Concern—an anti-drinking lobby group that receives less than 1% of its income from public donations
Alcohol Focus Scotland—no strangers to a hand-out
Alliance House Foundation—a well established temperance group founded in 1853. It funds the Institute for Alcohol Studies.
Institute of Alcohol Studies—the research wing of the modern temperance movement. Funded by the Alliance House Foundation and the European Commission.


Internet Watch Foundation—state regulation of the internet starts here, courtesy of the EU

Charities for charities

The Media Trust—'one stop shop' for voluntary organisations
The National Council for Voluntary Organisations—helping the charities to help themselves
V—created by the government, funded by the government
British NGOs for Development—members of Put People First coalition


Campaign for Better Transport Charitable Trust—strong opponents of road building. Funded by the Department of Transport
Living Streets—anti-motoring group. Campaigns for 20mph speed limit.


Drugscope—a taxpayer-funded talking shop


British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV)—frugal with the truth when it comes to their own funding
Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN)—milking the climate change cash cow
Forum for the Future—state-funded refuge for unelectable eco-mentalists
Global Action Plan UK—more windmill worshippers
London Sustainability Exchange—climate change, "environmental justice", "communities" etc.
Pesticide Action Network—a substantially EU funding charity which lobbies the EU for more pesticide controls.
The Climate Group—carbon taxing climate warriors
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds—venerable twitchers reborn as multi-millionaire global warmists.
The Women's Environmental Network—generic wimmin's group with added green credentials
The Woodland Trust—heavily funded tree-huggers


Blood Pressure Association—more scared of salt than a slug
Consensus Action on Salt and Health—cheerleaders for the Food Standards Agency. Funded by the Food Standards Agency.
School Food Trust—forcing children to eat Jamie Oliver's cooking
Sustain: The Alliance for Better Food & Farming—anti-meat and anti-dairy crusaders
The Plunkett Foundation—'social enterprise' in the countryside
Weight Concern—fighting the "obesity time bomb" with your money

Free Trade

War on Want—socialist throwbacks
Catholic Agency for Overseas Development—G20 protesters
ActionAid—members of Put People First coalition
Find your feet—another set of anti-capitalists
Plan UK—relieves the taxpayer of over £5 million a year
Voluntary Service Overseas—recipients of more than £30 million in state hand-outs
Skillshare International—another member of Put People First's anti-capitalist coalition
Progressio—Formerly known as the Catholic Institute for International Relations
International Service—Dependent on government for 69% of its income
Engineers Against Poverty—Little known anti-capitalist group
Action on Disability and Development—G20 protesters
Institute for Public Policy Research—Left-wing think tank


Academy of Medical Royal Colleges—medical bureaucrats
The Prince's Foundation for Integrated Health—Prince Charles' scheme to use taxpayers' money on quack medicine

Identity politics

Eaves Housing for Women—a heavily subsidised womens' charity that spends large amounts of time lobbying for tougher laws on prostitution.
Equality Challenge Unit—identity politics on campus
The Fawcett Society—campaigning for unequal opportunities


British Refugee Council—campaigns with £13 million of your money

Religious & Ethnic

B:RAP—cheerleaders for the government's 'Equalities' Bill
Bexley Council for Racial Equality—97% of its funding comes from the state
Christian Aid—anti-free marketeers, campaigning for "justice on climate change and tax" on your pennies.
Migration Helpline—campaigns against deportation with £10 million of public money


British Association for the Advancement of Science—overwhelmingly supported by government and EU grants
Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge—the Royal Society, as it is commonly known, was founded in the 17th century to advance scientific knowledge.


Stonewall Equality—campaigning for gay, lesbian and transgender sexual equality with your money.


Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)—the original fake charity, formed by the government in 1971. It receives just 2% of its funding from public donations.
ASH Scotland—state-funded anti-smoking group staffed by neo-prohibitionists
ASH Wales—Welsh brand of the anti-smoking pressure group. Just 0.3% of its income comes from voluntary public donations.
No Smoking Day—government sponsored anti-smoking group and Smoke-Free Coalition member
QUIT—anti-smoking group and member of the Smoke-Free Coalition

The young and the old

4children—glorified QUANGO
Age Concern—applauding government initiatives with £2 million of public money
Barnado's—aspiring horror film directors
Child Poverty Action Group—lobbies for an expanded welfare state under the pretext of 'child poverty'
Keeping Kids Company—newly enriched hoodie-huggers
The National Youth Agency—recipients of £5 million of taxpayers money
The Save the Children Fund—receives more than half of its income from governments worldwide


Peace Research and Education Trust—appear to be closely associated with other organisations such as the Peace Pledge Union and War Resisters International who encourage service personnel to desert.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Wee Room

Anyone else see a problem with this? Would it not have been simpler, cheaper and more hygenic to just put a sticker on the wall?

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Any seats in the Lords left?

Surviving Austerity (Part 2)

The relationship between the taxpayer and the State, yesterday

As the cuts begin to bite, we see more and more people deciding to work part time in order to keep their employment rather than face unemployment. Naturally this only applies in the private sector as the public sector has yet to understand that a change of government has taken place and the endless rivers of cash created by the reckless Labour Junta is about to dry up. They're still advertising for non jobs, paid for by the taxpayer and my local council have just sent me a glossy magazine full of "diversity" and letting me know about vital projects such as Crucial Crew, to teach 8 year olds what to do in the event of a gas leak.

But wait, what's this? The Government are now telling us not to waste food? YE GODS.

Tools required: A tablespoon. Good for measuring out portions of rice, beans and dried fruit
Go and take a look outside. No one is wasting food. Everyone I see is shovelling as much of it as they can into their bloated faces.

We don't need government websites telling us how to store food surely? We don't need a faceless Whitehall office panicking over what we have in the fridge do we? 2 million years of evolution and only the Government can save us from well...something to do with food waste?

Of course, the more cynical of my readers will soon spot that what is actually happening is the government is calling us wasteful and how dare we demand lower taxes and less public spending when we can obviously afford to throw good food away.

So I'll give you some of my tips, for free

See that shiny car on the drive? You don't need it. It is costing you thousands of pounds a year in depreciation, servicing and loan interest. Get rid of it and buy a second hand Japanese import from Ebay. Japs have a very stringent MOT at six years old to basically force you to buy a new (Japanese) car by failing the car on everything. Instead of being scrapped, they are shipped to the UK (right hand drive in Japan) and low and behold, we have low mileage, quality Japanese vehicles available for those who would rather not try to keep up with the Joneses next door (who are actually twice as skint as you)

One of these will cost you £1000 and around £300 a year in servicing and parts. If you're really tight, run it on chip fat. Just pour it in, it'll run. I know because I do exactly that for around 17p a litre. If it breaks (it won't), simply buy another one.

Best of all, you are starving the huge State beast that wants you to buy new cars so it can profit from sales tax, income tax (keep earning to pay for it), petrol tax, insurance tax, road tax and whatever other taxes they can think of.

In a subtle about turn, you can show the government that if they already have enough of your money to build websites telling you not to waste food, then they certainly don't need any more of it, do they?

I await a stringent new MOT to be introduced by the State shortly.

Monday, 12 July 2010

It's Only Racist If Whitey Is To Blame, Innit?

Not quite Blue on Blue...

There seems to be something of a mindset amongst the socialistas like that twat Kerry Macarthy that only white (pale-flesh coloured, anyone?) are racists, and when the many different ethnics are busy abusing and killing each other it isn't racism somehow.

Now, I'm firmly of the belief that we are all one horrible race called the human race, full of good and bad in every tribe and every culture.

I wonder what the socialistas will make of the latest ruling by the ICC?

Genocide by Arabs against Africans - could it be racially motivated? Or just the usual tribal rivalry and lust for power, water, resources, mineral rights. I wonder what it says i the Koran?

The Penguin

You are what you eat. Stupid.

the State, yesterday

Everyone have a good weekend? Let me guess, some of you had a barbeque, some had a Sunday roast, some had a takeaway and some watched the football?

The reason I am asking is that the Food Standards Agency went to all the expense and trouble to produce a step by step guide to watching the football and eating at the same time. In case you couldn't manage it on your own. All 61 million of you.

I kid you not.

Takeaway Tip
  • Why not go for dry or tomato-based dishes such as tandorri or madras instead of creamy curries such as korma, passanda or massala.
  • Choose plain rice and chapatti instead of pilau rice and naan.
  • If you're having pizza, choose lower-fat toppings, such as vegetables, ham, fish and prawns. You could ask for some extra veg on your pizza to bump up your daily fruit and veg portions.
  • Remember if you don't want to increase the saturated fat content and number of calories in your meal, don't ask for extra cheese.
  • When you have pasta, for the healthier option go for a sauce based on tomatoes or vegetables, rather than cream.
With some of the matches starting in the evening, you might have time to eat your evening meal at home before you go out.

If you do eat out, look for grilled meats and fish or tomato-based sauces if you go for pasta. Have boiled new potatoes or a bread roll instead of chips — and don’t forget to add some vegetables or a salad to your meal.

Football and beer often go hand-in-hand, but with many hours of football to watch, it can be easy to over-indulge. It's recommended that men drink no more than 3 to 4 units, and women no more that 2 to 3, a day. When you're pregnant, it's best to stop drinking alcohol altogether. But if you do drink, try to have no more than 1 or 2 units of alcohol once or twice a week and avoid getting drunk.

When you're engrossed in the game it's easy to sip your way though more than you realise. Remember that bottled beers come in different sizes, so you might be drinking more that you think.

May I remind the imbeciles who not just requested that this website exist but actually used taxpayers money to fund it that it is no business of the State what I eat?

YE GODS. Read the whole sorry thing here

On the plus side however

It emerged last night that the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is planning to abolish the Food Standards Agency alongside many other quangos in an attempt to cut down on bureaucracy.

Among the critics of the move were Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Burnham who said: "Getting rid of the FSA is the latest in a number of worrying steps that show Andrew Lansley caving in to the food industry. It does raise the question whether the health secretary wants to protect the public health or promote food companies."

The FSA was established in 2000 following the BSE scare. It employs 2,000 staff and spends £135 million a year

Friday, 9 July 2010

En Vacance

I'm reading today that despite being in a recession, mongs are borrowing money to go on holiday, in case the Joneses next door come to the conclusion that their neighbours are not sailing through this recession with ease.

I give up. I realise that we need holidays when our consumerist lifestyle demands that we work 12 hours a day, six days a week, ignoring our children and families so that we can proudly park the new BMW on the drive for all to see, but borrowingg money to sit on a beach? what does that say about the society we live in? A 52" plasma and a "I've been to Disneyland, Florida" sticker are more precious than the company of good friends and family and a long, healthy, happy, contented life?

FFS people. Go to the dump and have a look at the stuff people are throwing away. Stuff they did overtime to buy just a few years ago. Yes, they might have missed their child's first steps or read them bedtime stories but at least they could brag to their "mates" about the Bose sound system in the front room.

Anyway, the Old Holborn cut out and keep cheap holiday guide. You are going camping. No, not with the caravan club, not to a "mobile home park" but proper camping. In a tent, with the kids.

You will need:

A car that will not break down. Available on Ebay for around a grand. Chances are you already have one.

Right, so for around £125, you have everything you need for two weeks holiday with three kids, anywhere in the UK.

Chuck in another £100 for a ferry ticket and you're in France, where camping is what people do (never see French youth puking all over Greek resorts at 3am, do you?). On a French campsite where people are civil to each other, the beach is ten metres away, the food is fantastic and the weather stunning, the facilities great, internet, swimming pool, wine, pastis, fresh bread and real coffee. And the best of all, not a nylon football shirt in site. For the princely sum of about £7 a night. No need to book, just drive about until you see one you like, apologise for being English and get stuck in

If that doesn't recharge your wage slave batteries, fit for another 11 months of 60 hour weeks to pay for the hot tub so you can finally see the neighbours wife in a bikini, what will? You owe it to your kids. Remember them?

Take your medicine....

How they squeal, these communists

It has always been the dream of the authoritarian state to dictate your very existence. What better vehicle than complete and utter control over your health?

A quick search on the Internet will show trillions of pictures of beaming Secretaries of State or various ministers proudly stood next to the multimillion pound MRI scanner just installed at a "local" hospital for the good of "local people" (whether they asked for it or not) and the left wing press is full of stories of impending redundancies of millions of critical "front line service staff" who have dedicated years of service to providing er.. front line service (whilst playing golf).

Now we hear that the great behemoth, the NHS is to undergo a radical change that will take power away from administrators and accountants and give it to the people who actually make the decisions about your health. The General Practitioner.

£60-80 Billion is to be taken away from the people who get paid if you have an operation or need treatment and given to the people who will decide if you need an operation or treatment.

Or to put it another way, the garage that services your car no longer gets to say how much of your money is spent, the MOT inspector does.

No wonder George Osborne was worried

Once again, I return to a tale I once experienced. Little OH's wanted a rescue kitten so off we trooped to a cat rescue centre, who promptly refused as they only had one kitten left and if they had no kittens, they would close. Instead of this being a success for cat rescue people who no longer had cats that needed rescuing, this was a failure. Without abandoned cats to house, they would be unemployed.

Now that the local GP controls the purse strings, let's see if he is so keen to simply pack you off to that gleaming new hospital Uncle Ed spent all your money on to have your photograph taken with a Politician.

I suspect not. I suspect if you want a tattoo removed because you have decided it is no longer "pretty", the GP is likely to suggest you pay for it's removal yourself. About time too.

Your health belongs to you. Look after it, take responsibility for it, insure it and protect it. It is the only one you will ever have and has absolutely nothing to do with an administrator in Whitehall.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

New Politics?

I am now going to lie down. I hope I never wake up.

We don't need no educashun

Well, well. After 13 years of socialist education, resulting in the devastation of the hopes and aspirations of a generation, where are we?

Knife patrols, metal detectors, bullied teachers, untouchable feral yoof, stabbings, murders, drugs.

Shattered lives, useless qualifications, dumbed down exams, certificates for all

Thanks for that, Labour.

We have 480,000 teaching professionals in this country yet our children have never been more stupid, unprepared and unqualified for a productive and happy life. Millions of our kids are sat at home, unable to earn a living, unwilling to contribute and dedicated to a life of fast gratification, benefits and crime, whilst our once revered universities are full of wannabe nail technicians, apprentice aromatherapists and pet councillors

It. Stops. Now.

We have the chance to get it right at last. All it takes if for the State to get the hell out of our children's lives and leave the most important job in the world to the people trained to do it. Teachers.

Remove the last 30 years of State meddling, targets, quotas and agendas. Allow children to visibly fail and then give them the support they need to succeed. Allow teachers to become teachers and authority figures again instead of impotent riot control officers. Allow shit teachers to be sacked on the spot. Allow the discipline that we are no longer allowed to instill in our children at home to be instilled at school. Allow teachers to call thick kids what they are. Thick.

Prepare children for life. Not as celebrity footballers or fat catwalk models but engineers and scientists. Don't pull punches. If Ephraim will not attend unless he can wear his hat backwards and suck his teeth every time he is asked to perform a simple task whilst txting his bros for more weed, then out the fucking door Ephraim goes.

If wastrel parent(s) can't be arsed to get their offspring to the school on time, in u.niform and with completed homework, then slam the door shut in their faces. Let Conner smash up their front room "to relieve the boredom" instead.

Will it create an underclass of feral, unteachable yobs? Yes, it will. Much, much smaller however than the one Labour left us.

Oh, and sack this headmaster immediately

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Johanna Kaschke hat nicht alle tassen im schrank

UPDATE 23.07.10 : the mad kraut moonbat LOST and has been refused leave to appeal. Good

I won't bore you with the details but tomorrow sees Alex Hilton of the Labourhome blog up in High Court because a known and thoroughly documented kraut ├╝berfruitbat, Johanna Kaschke has decided she is offended by something someone once wrote in the comments section of his blog about her. He took it down and apologised but alas, she is still not happy.

This is the very same fruitbat that took another left wing blogger, Dave Osler to court and had her arse handed back to her on a plate by the judge. She also blogs and is upset because nasty rumours have been circulating about her once being associated with the Bader Meinhoff gang (prior to being a member of Respect, the Labour party and now the Tories) or something. Probably

I couldn't give a toss about her but I do care about freedom of speech. I would hate it for people to write nasty things about her on my unmoderated, uncensored blog. I mean, I cannot be held responsible for what people write in graffiti on my nice clean white garage wall whilst I'm away, can I?

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Cancer within

This morning sees Eric Pickles going on the attack against Councils and their wasteful use of both council tax funds and central government funds (ie Taxpayers money)

Personally, I am a great fan of local democracy and would like to see elected Mayors with REAL power instead of faceless unelectable Whitehall bureaucrats dictating how my money is spent.

Wouldn't it be great if the county you live in had the power to make laws instead of Parliament? Local laws that apply directly to the way citizens around you lead their lives instead of a one size fits all policy that can only be challenged once every five years by a change of Parliament?

Imagine being able to block huge payments from the people of Suffolk to subsidise the Welsh because a Scottish MP said the Welsh "need help"? Isn't the current UK just a smaller version of the EU where regional "countries" get to bail out the lazy and the feckless in other parts of the UK?

Billy Blofeld posted yesterday proof of what we already know. Socialism has created great swathes of Britain that are feeding off the productive parts of our society and like a tumour within, are happy to continue doing so, even if it means sacrificing the host.

Just by analysing my own council Tax bill, I managed to reduce it by HALF. It now only includes what I am happy to pay for, instead of what my local town hall thinks I should pay for.

We need to take back power from the EU and Parliament and use it to improve OUR lives. We cannot do this when we have four levels of authority over us (Crown, EU, Parliamentary acts and council byelaws).

My recommendations:

No more council tax. Set an income tax level that pays a small premium to the state for the provision of national services (Armed Forces) and the rest is divulged to local level to be spent within the county for the benefit of the county and it's citizens. Not shipped to Wales to support a fat army of mobility scootered socialist voting wastrels. If they want funding, they will be free to attract business by offering low income tax rates to employers and employees (as if).

This is not a unique model. It works perfectly well within Switzerland, where local democracy means you can shout at the mayor and no one knows (or cares) who the Prime Minister is.

We all complain about Parliament and the State and our lack of representation in a system that only favours the vested interests of Unions, big business, the EU and lobbyists. It has been built that way because it excludes us (until it is time to pay the bills, naturally) and ensures that a pitch fork waving mob do not turn up at Westminster.

It's time to starve the beast. We have to stop funding Central Government and stupid local councils. It's easier than you think too:

Don't move: No stamp duty
Don't drive: No petrol duty
Brew your own: No duty
Stop buying shite: No VAT
Claim every benefit you can: Drain the coffers
Challenge everything: Bog them down in their own expensive, inefficient bureaucracy
Use cash or barter
AVOID tax wherever possible.

Whilst we are seen as mere cash cows to be farmed, we will be milked for all we are worth. It matters not to the Council or the State where they spend our money as long as it is being spent and they can come back for more. And they always will come back for more. Always

Oh, and attend a local council meeting and watch them in action. If you can change anything, that's the place to start. Take stink bombs to remind them it's your money they're wasting on five a side football pitches for unemployed Somali asylum seekers.

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