Friday, 10 December 2010

What they do to them...

the unaccountable protecting the indefensible

Again, the differences between Tories and Libertarians become clear. I supported the Students in their protest against being lied to by Politicians. I do not support free higher education. If the State is going to tax you on your skills, it can damn well pay for you to acquire those skills or (as I prefer) those who finance their own education simply pay basic rate income tax. Forever.

As we see the State (rightfully) reducing what it will supply to a benefit addicted society created by Fabians over the last 50 years, it is only fair that the bill the State presents (with menaces) to citizens should shrink. It won't. VAT is due to increase to cover the State handing over our money to Banks, income tax will not fall until the bills of 13 years of authoritarianism have been paid and general taxation is still set in another country by unelected European Marxists.

What was interesting yesterday was the ferocity of our servants, the Police, to protect those who SHOULD be our servants, Politicians. If Students need any more lessons in who protects who in this society,they are not fit to study.

Of course, when you withdraw heroin from the addict, the addict will react. To watch our police protecting the drug dealer however was poetic.

Today, Cameron calls for the "full force of the law" to be used against those who protested. Not those who stole all our money and handed it to corrupt bankers, not those who lobby for vested interests, not those who hand our hard earned money to Europe to spend as they wish, not those who lie, cheat and steal the wealth of our unborn children, not those who invade countries illegally, not those who spy on us, not those who manipulate our every waking moment, not those who will place us prison if we refuse to pay for their unsolicited services, not those who demand we comply, obey, shut up and pay, not those who rule us with vast fortunes taken from the people by force

But those who dared to complain. And remember, what they did to the Students yesterday, they will do to us when we dare to suggest that enough is enough.

Tories, enjoy your righteous indignation that Students "made a mess", "disrespected Churchill" or "vandalised a royal Rolls Royce" if it pleases you. Just remember that when you have had enough, when you decide that you have not been heard, listened to or lied to and dare to complain, your servants will turn on you in the same brutal manner.

Expect much much more of this.

David Cameron has spoken

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