Sunday, 5 December 2010

to the Bone

an MP discovers real cuts in public spending, yesterday

I won't involve myself in the arguments over Top Shop, Vodaphone, BHS, Cadbury et al either planning or already avoiding unnecessary UK taxes, others are already doing that via the #ukuncut twitter hashtag

I would however like to suggest that our current level of State cuts is pitiful, pathetic and a fraud.

Yesterday, government employees closed Spanish airspace. The employees of the Spanish State decided that their own vested interests trumped those of the entire population, the basic right of freedom of movement and crippled international flights in European airspace. You and I had no say in the matter. We were grounded.

Firstly, what the hell are government employees doing controlling airspace anyway? Oh, yes, the State decides that it owns everything and then employs citizens to operate everything in return for most of their money. Of course, private companies could run the airspace, produce wealth, pay their staff enough so they wouldn't go bust or strike and everybody would be happy. But no, the State must control all the levers even if it quite plainly can't control all the levers.

I see the Irish government owning Claridges Hotel in London and wonder just what is the point? Why does the State own so much on our behalf? It is the most inefficient employer or operator, utterly useless at providing anything other pensions and wages built on Ponzi schemes that will enslave out grandchildren in false debt caused by handing borrowed money to failing banks so that the State can own them as well.

State ownership is the dream of the Fabian, where the collective is more important than the person, the ownership more important than the purpose.

Slash it and burn it. Reduce state ownership of everything to an army, a judiciary, a border force and a police force. Everything else can be done by us as free people, not by us as bonded slaves to the State. Slash State ownership and watch the tax bills plummet. You want a £37 million pound theatre in Barry, Wales? You pay for it, you run it, you make it pay, you negotiate with the employees, you deliver the content, you pay the pensions and running costs by producing what free people will pay hard earned money to see, not by demanding by force that a fork lift truck driver on night shift in Newcastle "supports" your "desire" to bring "arts" to the "unemployed" of rural Wales.

Just this morning I heard a "group" that looks after the homeless simply refusing to leave homeless people alone. They refered to them "clients" and no matter how many times they were told to bugger off by their "clients", it was their "duty" to save these people from themselves (and in the process, protect their own jobs, pensions and control of their clients) and protect and save them they will, come hell or high water. You WILL attend our carefully designed and publicly funded "program" because we know best and you don't. No shut up and cooperate.

Reduce state ownership, ground Co operatives, form business alliances, work for yourself, slash taxes and simply consume less and you will have freedom. Yes, including the freedom to do fuck all and starve.

Cut everything. Cut to the bone and let the market pick up what people really want, are happy to pay for and get your thieving hands out of our pockets. If I want it, I will happily pay for it. you will know when you have cut enough when the queues of Kurds, Afghanis, Romanians and Africans at Sangatte no longer exists.

There is no such thing as free milk and honey. Ask a bear.

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