Friday, 17 December 2010

Parental Idiots

The Media are alight this morning as it is revealed that 15% of 11 year olds cannot read. Politicians are queueing up to give their opinion of Ofsted, teachers, the education system, all demanding MORE money, MORE resources, MORE interference, MORE measuring and monitoring by the State.

If your child cannot read at the age of 11, it is not the education system that has failed, it is YOU, the parent. YOU have the responsibility to read to your child from birth, not the State. YOU have the responsibility to listen to your child read to you, improve his vocabulary, correct his mistakes and spelling. Not some yoghurt knitting Fabian with 30 other children to indoctrinate.

Sod the Xbox, sod the BMX, sod the Wii. BUY YOUR CHILD A BOOK this Christmas and give the poor sod a future. If you want to be free from the State, do not expect the State to give you the keys to do it. There's a whole Internet of information out there, for free, on how to raise a child. The X factor is not the answer.

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