Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Hear them howl, hear them scream...

The pavements won't get gritted, the rubbish might not get collected. The cuts mean YOUR addiction to the overpriced and inefficient state might not be served by the "dealer". SAVE OUR JOBS

Up yours. I can grit my own path, thanks. I can sort my own rubbish, thanks. I don't need 7 million public servants to hold me to ransom. I don't need to pay your wages, your pensions, your tax credits, your council tax or your child benefit to drive 3 miles to the dump.

The noise coming from those who rely on the state drug dealer is going to be deafening next year. Cold turkey is never pretty, but the alternative is far more horrible. Labour are now so desperate, they are selling wraps to schoolkids for 1p each

2011 is going to be the year of "cold turkey". Remove yourself from the drug dealing circle, clean up, focus on you and yours, instead of the "collective" and you will experience freedom. Ignore the screams of those who cannot afford a 42" plasma and will have to make do with a taxpayer funded 37" from the Tesco Basic range. Ignore the screams of those who demand "diversity coordinators" and focus on protecting your family and your property from those who believe that what you have, they should have. By default.

Resist. Refuse. You earned it, it is your property, it belongs to you. There are 7 million State addicts out there who are about to jemmy your windows, looking for the next fix of big government.

You can live without the State. The State cannot live without you. IT is the parasite, not you.

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