Tuesday, 28 December 2010

the Children

"How much fucking public debt have I been handed?"

It continues. No sooner does our glorious leader apply the handbrake to the decision not to fund Bookstart, a fake charity run by Fabians* to give "free" books to the feckless at a cost of £13M a year, do the next bunch of Fabians spot the opportunity to indoctrinate our children.

* the authors have a spectacular array of careers,eg: "writer in residence at Holloway Prison" and produce instruction guides for slaves.

Yes, the magnificent E Learning foundation, a quango set up by Blair to reward his Fabian cronies has kicked off demanding that all children be provided with Internet access at home.

E Learning Trustees

Rt Hon Baroness Morris (ex Labour)
Lord Mitchell (Labour IT advisor)
Lord Willis (LibDem)
Rt Hon Lord Knight (Labour)
Mike Butler (Head of Djanogly City Academy, Nottingham)
David Butler OBE Head of fake charity

Need more? Here

An unelected Quango of Fabians, desperate to push their version of "learning" into the homes of our children whilst sending you the bill. disgusting.

The sooner Govt, elected or not, gets the hell out of education, the better. Never trust a Politician with the education of your child.

In their perverted world, you are merely raising it to either tax viability or state dependency

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