Friday, 3 December 2010

the Abuse of Children

Fifty years of Fabian experimentation has produced a nation unable to raise children. Simply stunning. No longer can the natural system of the last 2 million years of our evolution, namely the family, be trusted to produce happy, productive, responsible individuals, so the state is now to teach us, who it treats like children, to raise our children.

Are you proud? Do our masters actually realise the damage they have wrought in half a century of meddling, control, laws, surveillance, regulation, taxation, handouts, support?

We are unable to raise children anymore. The State simply assumed the role of parent and grandparent and gave us bread and circuses to keep us amused whilst it got on with the serious grown up business of spending our money for their own aggrandisement.

Their answer to the problem? Not to encourage stable families. Not to leave people alone to live their lives and take responsibility. No, the answer to the problem is more of the same

It is not working, therefore we must do more of it, for it to work
So the state will now measure and regulate our children for "life chance indicators". Parents, once abandoned by the State must now become child monitors for the State. I give you

  • parenting classes throughout school life, arguing that Britain believes parenting is learnt through osmosis;
  • a new index of life chances that can be monitored annually;
  • a focus on foundation years equal to primary and secondary schools;
  • a rationalisation of children's services, including post-natal work, from the womb to going to school;
  • a working-class version of Mumsnet, the online forum for parents;
  • kite marking children's tv programmes to help speech development.
If I was a new parent, I would baracade the door and dedicate my life to protecting my child FROM the State. Hitler could only dream of the power a mere 650 individuals now possess over human evolution itself. Truly EVIL.

My dream of getting off grid grows stronger every day, whilst the Fabians continue to blend Brave New World, Animal Farm and 1984 into their new Koran, to be administered with all the rabid ferver of Sharia Law. God help the faithful and the unbelievers alike.

Who will rid us of these troublesome Politicians?

Off topic: As our masters have decided we may not see what they do in our name and with our money by removing Wikileaks from the DNS, it can still be found here

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