Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A valuable lesson

As teenagers and students protested today, I was interested to see the vested little interests of those who either attended or supported their actions.

My vested interest in supporting their actions is that they will have learned a valuable lesson. The State is not your friend. It will lie to you, cheat , steal your money and then shit in your face (or kettle your children) if you give it the chance.

I don't agree that higher education should be free, I don't agree that those who work on minimum wage should be forced to fund the Aromatherapy degrees of future merchant bankers. Most of the students today have parents who spend more on golf club/gym membership per year than it would cost to put their children through that ultimate priviledge, university.

But I very much do support them in their anger at lying Politicians. They were sold a pup. We always are and better to learn that lesson in the freezing cold and hungry, trapped in a crowd by menacing agents of the State than happily and blindly voting for more of the same every five years.

They will have seen the power of the State when you simply hold it to account and it "disagrees".

Wait until they get a job and see how the Government treats them. The Irish are just about to find out just how brutal a hungry State can be

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