Sunday, 7 November 2010

State breach of Contract

For decades now, oily politicians have manipulated the voters by promises of welfare, education, pensions, healthcare. "Just give us your money and we will build Utopia" they said.

Of course, once a contract was in place with the electorate, they failed to deliver yet still demanded our money with menaces, imprisoning those who refused to pay for what was delivered. My council still sends a tax demand in April for services a full year in advance and jails those who will not pay up front to have their bins emptied in January of next year whether they like it or not.

I digress. This week will see voter expectations of what a government supplies change radically. Your education is only "free" until 19. Your benefits will only be paid if you pick up litter. You will work to 67. You will live where you can afford, not where you desire at cost to the taxpayer.

I can hear the righteous screaming. Where is the state that was built to look after your every need and cater to your every whim? Where are the armies of civil servants and social workers, hired at great expense to wipe the arses of the electorate? Where is the safety hammock that 7 million are now snoozing gently in?

It's going to vanish. You are going to stand on your own two feet. A good thing.

But what about all that money you're paying? Still happy for the State to charge an extra 20% on everything you buy, well just because it can? Still happy for the State to hand you back only half of what you are paid every week? Still happy for the state to tax your house move, your insurance, your car, your energy usage, your trip on an aeroplane, your private pension, your petrol, your TV? Still happy to know that when you die, what the State couldn't grab from you whilst alive, it now owns by default?

Readers, the Colonial slave master was responsible for the transport, welfare, housing, clothing and education of his slaves. Without, he had no labour to exploit. Just two hundred years later, our slave master government has ordered us to go into the fields and toil till we drop, yet provides none of the above.

Our slavemaster is in Breach of Contract. I suggest we simply withdraw our labour and spend it on ourselves for a change. The State simply hasn't earned a single penny of our money. Are we still absolutely sure we need a slavemaster anymore? Even a feudal lord offers better value than a Government that just takes by force.

It's time to keep the cotton we pick ourselves

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