Friday, 12 November 2010

The Right to sell your Labour and the "right to work"

With over 7 million currently forced to sit on the sofa and watch Jeremy Kyle all day or shortly to be asked to clean up litter in return for us paying their rent, energy, council tax, food, beer and fags bills, one has to wonder what good the minimum wage has done.

It currently stands at £5.93 an hour or roughly £237 a week for 40 hours. Not a fortune but no one will starve. Sitting on benefits of course will bring you much, much more dependent on your exact circumstances, hence those who have the most to gain from the Welfare state and the generosity of Socialists to hand out other peoples money are currently stuffing Asda doughnuts down their fat necks whilst you and I work to fund it all.

What if your labour was worth £5.92 and you lived in a small flat as a single person? You could earn £236.80 a week, learn some skills, pay your own rent and look forward to a future, instead of a mere £65 a week in dole and 10 hours of TV or sitting in the park every day.

Alas, you would be breaking the law and your employer, happy to pay you would be fined.

The minimum wage is the chain to make you vote for the party that hands you the most benefits. If I offer you the opportunity to chop up some logs for me for £20 and it takes you four hours, you and I have broken the law. If it takes you three hours, you are £20 richer and I have winter fuel. Alas, the State will not allow you to take four hours. It would rather you sat on the sofa.

7 million people should at least have the chance to offer their labour, the one thing they own for whatever price pleases them. It is no business of the State to condemn them to idleness against their will. Removing the minimum wage would see millions of jobs created, millions of welfare slaves free to set their own price for their own labour and millions of lives changed for the better.

No wonder politicians will do nothing. Whilst they spout about the "right to work" they forget that they are the ones denying work and prosperity to millions. Utterly shameful.

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