Saturday, 20 November 2010

a Nation of Victims

Slicing up the "benefits", ready for "distribution" to the "vulnerable"

I don't watch much TV but I gather "Children in Need", the annual begfest by millionaire BBC TV presenters and a chance to wheel out Lenny Henry happened again last night. Apparently, it has raised £18 million to help the most deprived children in this land of ours.

A noble cause, you may think, until a little research shows exactly what "deprived" consists of in these days of "everyone is a victim, everyone needs help".

Firstly, I noticed that the Welsh are celebrating that they managed to dig deep into their pockets and raised the amazing sum of £1M. It took Tom Jones and the Millennium stadium, some pop bands and the like to manage it, but never the less, £1M was raised. For good causes. Then I wondered how much of the £18M will be sent to Wales in the form of grants etc.

£6,206,540. One third of what was raised yesterday by the nation will be handed to the Welshers. source

Are the Welsh really so deprived? Well, £85K was desperately needed in Cardiff by SEF Cymru

This project will increase learning within Somali youth through acombination of curriculum based and culturally specific educational activities in an out of school environment, to promote integration and tackle disaffection.
Do the young boys of Barry really need weekly dance lessons at a cost of £45K? (Cue: Ron Broxted in the comments) I don't know. What I do know is that society is addicted to handouts. Everyone in modern society is a "victim". Everyone needs "support" with other peoples money and grubbing vested interests stretch out their wirey grasping fingers for public cash wherever they can find it.

We have bred a society of dependents. Our Politicians have feasted on this mentality. It is their raison d'etre. The more they promise, the more votes, the more dependence, the more money, the more victims

If you want to be free of Government, you will have to learn to stop gorging the crack cocaine it offers anyone who asks. I suspect Wales, the North East and Scotland are simply too far gone and too comfortable in their self inflicted malaise to bother even turning up for addiction therapy, but until the beast that is Government is starved and we learn to live without its stolen handouts of our fellow citizens money, we are nothing more than slaves to it. We need rehab from the State or it will enslave us all.

BBC Children in Need receives not one penny from the Old Holborn household. Instead, I gave £5 to two youngsters who offered to wash my car this morning instead

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