Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Market Day in London - One man and his dogs

Today will see over 30,000 higher education students arrive in London to protest against higher fees for their degrees from State universities.

Naturally, the hard left and the Unions will be there to hijack the event and turn it into a "no cuts" demo, Socialist Worker will be there droning on about asylum seekers and the need for the collective and Labour will be there to denounce the Libdems etc etc etc

My standpoint on this is very simple. If the State is going to demand 40% of your income, the State can damn well pay for you to acquire the skills. If the State is not going to pay for your education, then the State has no right to the fruits of that education and you should be exempt from income tax.

So create merry hell today kids. Show the State that you are not sheep being forced to pay for your own abattoir whilst the farmer works out how he can charge you for fattening you up for slaughter. Show him that if you pay, the rules will have to change. You will not leave Uni with massive debts only to have him thrust his hand into your empty pockets to "harvest" the fruits of YOUR labour.

Show the State you are not the property of the State. Remind it that your life belongs to you and if it wants you to work in the cotton fields, it can damn well pay for the training.

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