Thursday, 4 November 2010

A life of Crime

Following the news that most offenders simply don't stop offending whether you put them in jail or not, I would like to make my recommendations for a simple and efficient justice system

1. After your second offence, you lose your benefits. No council house, no dole, nothing

Prison is simply not the deterrent it once was. A criminal record would once see you almost unemployable and destined to a life of real poverty and shunned by society. Not any more.

Firstly, for some Prison is a stable, comfortable environment. Three meals a day, TV, tobacco, gym, playstations, warm bed. No uniforms, pocket money, drugs and £50 in cash when you come out. Not cold, dark, frightening places. Like they should be.

So out you come and it's back to sitting on the council supplied DHS sofa, watching widescreen telly all day whilst the taxpayer funds your benefits, an army of dogooders run around trying to get you work placements where no one is allowed to know that you nick anything that isn't nailed down or punch strangers because "they're doing my 'ead in" in case they feel "prejudiced" against your chosen lifestyle.

Being caught shoplifting is now an £80 fixed penalty. Driving without insurance likewise. What happened? Why do small supermarkets in rural towns need to employ uniformed security guards? Why are our police dressed like Robocop when only a few decades ago all they carried was handcuffs and a whistle?

The time no longer fits the crime. There is simply no deterrent to crime. You can carry on exactly where you left off before you were inconvenienced by being caught. There are no repercussions to choosing crime, no stigma to being a criminal and no financial or social penalties to helping yourself to other peoples stuff.

So stop it. Make a criminal record something to be feared, not a passport to State rewards. Get caught nicking and it's a life of packing toilet rolls into a box at some God awful factory if you are lucky. Stab someone for looking at you funny and you're on your own. No anger management course and no council house either. Evict them from their taxpayer funded homes and let them take their chances in the cold real world outside of the bastard welfare state.

Stop the rewards. No counselling. No rehabilitation. No social workers. No hand outs

Once Shezzer realises that her boyfriend is not going to get a council flat and benefits, she'll pick someone else to breed with. Once Nanna realises her little angel is going to be smashing up HER flat because the council won't give him a house she'll instill a little discipline in him.

Introduce a little natural evolution back into society. Make sure that the pond life stay where they belong. On the very bottom of the evolutionary pond.

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