Monday, 29 November 2010

I want the State to take me clubbing

Our good friends at Lambeth Council have decided to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic as they are faced with "revenue shortfalls"

Rather than simply cutting non essential services and saving money, they intend to hand their budget over to their "clients" to spend how they wish. You read that correctly. Rather than stop spending they have decided that their "clients" know how best to spend the millions that pour through the council.

So a "client" can now demand what he wants as long as it is within his "budget" It is called "Survive and Thrive" and will keep the army of Marxist pen pushing busybodies employed and their pensions topped up.

An example

Billy has learning difficulties and needs help from the State. He has a personal assistant for 21 hours a week. But now, he can tell the personal assistant what to do. So we have the tail wagging the dog.

This is what Billy demands from the State

  • Your job is to help me live the life I want and help me to learn new things. You must respect my choices, help me to make my own decisions and stay in control of my life.
  • Support me to go out and make new friends
  • Come clubbing with me until 3am (one Saturday a month)
  • Help me improve my computer skills to use Facebook and do shopping online
  • Support me to walk my dog, make sure he gets enough exercise and keeps healthy
  • Any other things I may need
Source Page 72

So now the State will take Billy clubbing, walk his dog and help him on Ebay and Facebook. And send the bill to you and I. It is a Fabians wet dream. Total financial and physical control of "citizens".


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