Tuesday, 2 November 2010

From the ashes of the old...

The Righteous busy silencing blogs.
(Picture walloped over from here)

...rise the blogs of the new.

Anarchyland has written the first words of a new blog. He doesn't have time to run it himself at the moment, so he has enlisted some reprobates and maniacs to look after it. One of them is me.

I still have the keys to Old Holborn's place although I haven't been here to scrawl on his walls for a while. My long rambles don't exactly fit his style so I'll keep this short.

That's the scary part of blogs for the control freaks of the Righteous. Knock one down and another stands up. There is no leader, no management, no structure and no central control. You can't break the chain of command because there isn't one. You can't target the leadership because there is none. Taking down one blog is meaningless. Another pops up in its place. Nobody orders that to happen, it just does. We'll work together on one specific task then we'll dissipate. We are self-sufficient but we form teams when we need to. We do not live rule-free or amoral lives, but we do not accept ridiculous rules nor do we accept unnecessary rules imposed by the threat of force.

There are those who say 'anarchy means violence and everyone out for themselves'. They say this because they want us to fear anarchy. Their biggest fear is that we will see what anarchy looks like and think that maybe it's not all that bad. They are terrified that we will realise that we don't need people to wield power over us and tell us what to do. They dread the day when we say 'It's okay, we can do this ourselves, we don't need you. If something needs a team effort we can arrange that amongst ourselves, thanks.'

The deepest fear of the Righteous is that we will see what anarchy really looks like, and realise it is not what they told us it was. So they divert attention from it and deride the one place where its true face can be seen and where its manner of working is clear.

Blogland is anarchy.

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