Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Fabian Towers Autumn Term

When I was educated, I sat in a class of 30 and had one teacher, not an army of teaching assistants. I shut up or I was shut up, not indulged or advised on how to txt in Urdu. I was expected to achieve results or I was out.

No surprises that one, just one teacher has been sacked in our education system. In classic Fabian style, for one teacher to fail is for all teachers to fail, so none will. Beautifully replicated in the educations system where all must have prizes and none must rise so far above the other as to cause a shadow.

Our good friends the Socialists are showing that the mentality continues as the rowdy pupils argue with the headmistress and demand that little Phil "weren't me" Woolas, caught writing racist abuse on the town hall walls and lying to some grown ups should not be expelled from Fabian Towers but promoted to Head Boy with extra tuck. Head Boy Tom Harris MP is disgusted that a pupil of the school could be so badly treated by the teachers when up until now, all he had done (including stamping on the louts from Gurkha High for Boys) had earned him gold stars.

No matter that the Ofsted rating put Fabian Towers lower than a snakes belly, no matter that a new Headmaster has just started or that the school football team faces relegation from the Saturday morning league. No matter that pupils are unemployable once they leave school or that so many of the pupils are currently suspended for bad behaviour and theft from the tuck shop or had to hand back stolen property when the schools inspector raided their lockers last year.

No, no. The pupils at Fabian Towers have always been in control of the school. No pesky teacher is going to tell them anything. I can hear their chants from the assembly hall now

"for one to fail, all must fail, for one to fail, all must fail"
Clutch those worthless certificates, boys and girls, and get ready to face the real world.

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