Saturday, 6 November 2010

Dealing with the Police, Part 1

To avoid the above, you need to understand a few basic rules about our Police "Service".

1. They are NOT the law. Their role is to keep the peace. If you kick off, expect them to kick off. It is their job to protect life, liberty, property and the peace.

2. The Police have no right to simply stop you if you are lawfully and peacefully going about your business. When a policeman says "I'd like a word with you", you are perfectly free to simply decline and wander off. Which leads me to the number 1 killer line no Policeman wants to hear.

Are you detaining me?

Burn that phrase into your head. To detain you is to break the golden rule. He CANNOT detain you unless he genuinely believes you are committing a crime, in which case, he will have to arrest you.

He can no longer search you in the street unless he genuinely believes you to be a terrorist. He cannot pull you aside and pat you down, ask you to turn out your pockets, look in your bag, ask you where you are going, where have you been, what are you doing etc. If you are breaking no law, he has no business with you. Tell him "are you detaining me?" and watch him back off and pick on someone easier.

He cannot demand ID from you. He can ask, and you can refuse. However, YOU can demand to see his ID. He carries a warrant card or he has no power. Always demand to see it, even just to annoy them. Film him if you like. No need to ask, he can't stop you anymore than you can stop his CCTV cameras filming you

Remember, his role is to keep the peace, so simply be peaceful and you will find the real power lies with YOU, his employer.

Try it. Thoroughly recommended and it works. It's when he arrests you and gets you back to the Nick that the REAL fun starts. Coming up next, how to deal with an arrest.

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