Friday, 12 November 2010

Bringing Teaching Into Disrepute?

I seem to recall (with anger and distaste) that the teaching profession forced out "Miss Snuffy" for bringing teaching into disrepute following her daring to take to the stage at the Tory Party conference and tell the shocking truth about just what appalingly low standards applied in state schools.

Surely those academics who have tried to justify destruction and violence in yesterday's student protest are genuinely guilty of bringing teaching into disrepute and should be sacked?

David Graeber, an anthropology lecturer at Goldsmiths who was among the protestors, said he was “very proud” of the students, adding: “They are going to represent us as thugs but really they are the thugs and we are representing civilisation.”

John Wadsworth, the president of Goldsmiths lecturers’ union, and its secretary Des Freedman, a lecturer in communications and cultural studies justified the violence by saying it had brought the tuition fees row “media attention across the world”.

Getting rid of these pillocks would make more money available for more worthwhile stuff, like books, or teaching studenst how to spell "future" properly.

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