Friday, 26 November 2010

All Going Pete Tong For EUSSR

What a tragedy! The EUSSR is in mortal danger of collapsing in recriminations as the peasants refuse to obey orders in Ireland.

The markets are already circling the walking corpse that is Portugal's economy, and have ear-marked Belgium as next in line....

How long will the Germans put up with handing their hard earned "real" Euros over to the feckless to piss away?

It will only take one country to say "Fuck this for a game - I'll have my sovereignity back, and you and your overpaid tossers and troughers can fuck the fuck off!" and the whole house of cards will fall down.

Best of all, those cunts on the EUSSR gravy train will have to try and find proper jobs and can say goodbye to their gold-plated pensions,

Sooner the better!!

The Penguin

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