Thursday, 21 October 2010

Welfare vs The Workhouse

Oh, us Libertarians are so cruel. We want to imprison the poor in workhouses, just like the Victorians....

Here's a plan.

I will provide a modern hostel for the homeless/poor. I will pay them minimum wage for 40 hours a week work (£232) and I will house and feed them, for which I will deduct £15 a day (£105), leaving them warm, housed, fed and with £127 in their pockets each week.

It will cost the state not one penny, they are free to leave when they wish.

You can call it a workhouse if you wish. If it makes you feel better. It looks like this


The taxpayer can house them costing up to £1600 a month, pay them benefits (£60 a week), they feed themselves, heat themselves and do nothing all day. They cannot work because they would lose all of these benefits. They are trapped on the sofa on a fifth of minimum wage for the rest of their entire miserable lives

This is called "the Welfare State" and it looks like this

Front line services best provided by the State my arse.

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