Sunday, 31 October 2010

the Vision

Ok, I'm very very busy at the moment, some will have noticed the output of the blog has declined and the short sharp punch of Twitter is proving to be a better medium to get my point across

The reason I'm busy?

1. I have HUGE amounts of work. I won't reveal my occupation but I earn my crust abroad whilst resident here. I currently have an order book of over £20 million which I have no hope in realising but that is not turnover, that is profit. I need to concentrate. I HATE wasted opportunities

2. I have plans. I have reached the ripe age where money actually doesn't matter anymore. I have most of what I ever wanted, six happy healthy children and a loving wife, some properties, a job I enjoy. What I do not have, thanks to law and politicians is the freedom to enjoy it

So I have built myself a five year plan (in glorious Soviet style). It requires me to go "off grid" and rely on myself instead of others. It requires me to become invisible to an ever more intrusive state and ever more manipulative corporations. It also requires skills.

The dream.

Take three acres of cheap land. Where is entirely up to you and your budget. Bulgaria is stupidly cheap as is Thailand. Surrey is not. There are vast areas of available land to purchase all over the world. Analyse your needs and buy three acres

You are going to grow food there. It will be demanding work but satisfying. You will need to concentrate on planting a little of each at regular intervals to ensure regular harvests to feed yourself. An allotment style plot will not be enough, hence the 3 acres. Put 1 acre aside and buy a polytunnel (dependent on location)

If, like me, you are a meat eater, then you will need to keep livestock. 2 lambs, bought for £10 in February will fill your freezer in November. As will two piglets, a dozen chickens, 5 turkeys, 4 ducks and a couple of geese. All of which (except the piglets) can be bought as fertilised eggs from Ebay. All you have to do is hatch them and possess the bollocks to kill them when ready.

I also adore seafood, so my little plot has beach access. A rope simply dropped into the water and secured is a perfect haven for thousands of mussels. No feeding required. Likewise, a simple old bedframe will provide the perfect nest for hundreds of oysters each year (I eat a lot of oysters, hence the six kids). A 12 foot dinghy and 4hp outboard required. A hot smoker and a cold smoker, both made easily out of junk in half a day will see a freezer filled with mackerel, eel, crab, lobster, squid.

You will need power. If you have a stream, you can buy a hydro generator on Ebay, likewise, you can buy cheap wind turbines on Ebay (mine produce £14K a year in taxpayer funded subsidies, thanks to the idiot promises of politicians and idiot taxpayers who fund them). You need power for the freezers you will store your harvests in.

You will brew your own beer. Reckon on 20p a pint, ready in 14 days. You can also distil your own spirits if you wish. Most of the hedgerow will provide the basis of any number of firewaters

You'll need a house. I suggest a HUGE log house from Latvia, delivered and built for a mere £60K. Oh, and you'll need a Rayburn stove. Again, Ebay is your friend. £100 second hand. Geothermal pumps cost nothing and simply take warmish air from underground, heat it a little bit and shove it through your house. In summer, they do the exact opposite.

Your car will run on chip fat. 18p a litre, no tax payable. Look for old diesels on Ebay, look for Chinese takeaways so you can takeaway their old chip fat. Old Diesels are available for a couple of hundred quid on Ebay. When they break, either fix them yourself or throw them away

So food, energy, warmth dealt with. Add a shotgun licence and security is yours for peanuts

Remind me again why we need Government? Remind me again why you stand on the platform 5 days a week simply to earn the money to pay taxes to support the great machine of the State? Remind me again how important a new BMW or an iPod is?

Of course, this will not suit everyone, but it suits me. I have the skills, no qualms about hard work and an overwhelming urge for responsibility for my own life. I have also done my research (you will need to) and WANT freedom. Freedom from taxes, violence, threats, consumerism, socialism, crime, social engineering, politics, stupid laws and pointless intrusions into the one life I get. In five short years, I am gone. Invisible to all but those I chose.

Or of course you can choose golf, the gym, a glittering career, a BMW X5, a four bed executive house in Swindon and a bungalow to retire to.

Peaceful Simple Anarchy for less than the price of a bedsit. No wonder governments fear it.

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