Monday, 4 October 2010

Suburban Big State mutterings...

Naturally, the Stella belching Labour voting underclasses are quaking at the thought of having to make do on a mere 26,000 beer vouchers a year for doing the grand sum of fuck all but the latest announcement from Gideon that rich parents are going to have to make do without a state funded jaunt to the Alps this winter has them reeling in horror.

"It was a way of getting some of the immense amount of tax we pay back" they squeal as they lose the Child Benefit they never needed or requested.

"I'm going to lose £2500 a year. Granted I don't need it, but the government takes so much anyway..."

This is going to be interesting. That £2500 paid for Mummy to spend a hour at the Gym every night so she could stay in competition to Victoria Beckham. That £2500 paid for the second hand BMW she was desperate to impress the other mums with when she headed down to the nursery to pick up her pyjama'ed offspring after working out at the gym till 8 pm. That £2500 paid for the new TV and sofa every year.

And guess what? The State is going to give them nothing in return. Same eye watering taxes, same shitty services they are already opting out of, same useless exam results for their kids, same £1.20 a litre to fill up the Chrysler Voyager.

I've just started hearing the very first mumblings of a middle class revolt against the Big State in the most unlikely of places. Suburbia. Mumsnet is fucking FURIOUS not with the Tories, not with Labour, but with The State. BRING IT ON.

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