Thursday, 14 October 2010

Step back...

Let's have a quick review of all the promises made by the big three parties over the last 100 years shall we?

  • End poverty
  • Education, education, education
  • Free healthcare
  • Peace
  • Security
100 years of Politics and we still have poverty. Politicians like poverty. No, politicians LOVE poverty. If Labour had their way, we would all be turnip farmers working on a collective towards a glorious five year plan, whilst an elite politburo monitored our every move from their millionaires dachas in the cool forests.

We produce the thickest kids in Europe because all must have prizes in this new found equality. Half of our publicly educated mongs must go to "Uni" to study worthless subjects because it enslaves them in debt and keeps them compliant. If you aren't working in the turnip fields, you can pay to study turnip farming before you become a senior turnip farmer and pay the Politburo back the money it cost.

Being alive but ill is costing the Politburo money. Stop smoking, drinking ,eating. We will legislate to ensure you do not become ill. Our police will make sure you stay healthy and productive on the turnip farm and yes, sadly you will now work until you drop. Laughably, we support charities that look after donkeys in retirement yet OUR leaders demand more from us

There can never be peace. Peace is the enemy of the State. Orwell was right. We NEED bombs, adversaries we can blame the failures of our society on. Only politicians can save us from making peace with our enemies by organising us against them. We MUST kill their children or there is no need for the State

Only the State can make you secure. Ignore crime, ignore the prying eyes of "public bodies", the form filling, the regulations, the stamps, the red tape, the endless laws and Statutes handed down. You are safe under the state. Without the State, you would all perish. Read the media, watch Eastenders, you cannot survive without 650 masters.

50 years of work. The State wants 50 years of work out of all of you. It wants all of your money and all of your labour. Resist and you WILL be beaten like the uppity nigger slaves we have yet to become. We're still packed in the holds of the ships on the way to the "promised land". Work the turnip fields, brothers and rejoice at the fine mansions our masters can build using our labour and our money.

Orlando Patterson

Slavery has taken many forms and existed in many historical and geographical societies. One of the most wide-ranging comparative studies of slavery as a social institution was carried out by Orlando Patterson. He suggests that there are only three noticeable universal features common to all known slavery systems:
1. that the master has the right to threaten or punish the slave with violence
2. that all slaves are denied with rights of birth
3. all slaves are deprived of honours

Bales and Robbins

In a more recent contribution, Bales and Robbins consider slavery to be comprised of three key features:
1. that the slave is controlled by another person
2. that the owner appropriates the labour power of the slave
3. that the slave’s activities are controlled by the threat or use of violence
White slavery, forced labour, debt bondage, forced prostitution satisfy all the criteria Bales and Robbins employ.

Time to get our OWN turnip farms. They won't like it ONE bit

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