Sunday, 31 October 2010

Starve the beast

This is how we win. This is how we force the State to turn cold turkey. The State only has the money it takes from us by force, it has no money of its own. The State is the heroin addicted relative. It steals, it begs, it borrows. The only concern of the State is the next fix. It will do ANYTHING for money. It will imprison you, murder, torture, invade, corrupt, lobby, subvert, bribe and blackmail to obtain cash. Without cash, there is no State.

Starve the beast. Deny it your tax. Do it quietly, subtlety and anonymously. Cut off the funds that feed its addiction, block its access to what it craves and like any Glaswegian smack addict, it will thrash, spit and scream

Do it. The State is OUR spoilt child. Its time to remind it that we are in charge and we are its parents. It needs an almighty smack of a different kind

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