Sunday, 24 October 2010

Social Cleansing

You're going to be hearing a lot about this in the next few weeks. It appears that those reliant on the taxpayer to house them are going to have the amount capped. Housing benefit, the safety net that stops our streets being full of tramps will no longer allow an asylum seeker to pay £1600 a week to his cousin for renting his 5 bedroom house in Islington. Asylum seeker will have to find somewhere to live that is within his budget, probably not in Westminster or Kensington.

As you can imagine, the socialists are in uproar. None has yet had the courage to call it "ethnic" cleansing, but the intent is there.

So let's spin this around. Why should an ordinary bloke, struggling to pay the mortgage on his two bed house in South Croydon, skint from the season ticket be forced to pay for anyone unemployed to live in an area he himself could never afford? Is that fair?

Why do those who work live in the suburbs? Choice? Of course not. It is the nearest place to their workplace they can afford. All of us would live off the Kings Road or in Covent Garden if someone else was paying the rent. Alas, they are not.

So just as Monaco is a millionaires playground because they can afford (and I can't) there is no longer the need to "socially engineer" the populations of our inner cities. Who frankly without the presence of the sort of scum who choose to turn it into a voilent third world shithole at the taxpayers expense would be places to celebrate and enjoy instead of crime pits to avoid.

On the downside, chances are Operation Trident is coming to YOUR neighbourhood.

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