Saturday, 23 October 2010

Scream part 2

Ex council workers escaping from TUC diversity outreach coordinators, yesterday

In true Halloween fashion, the frightened hoards of those who decided to place their bets with the State are screaming in terror as they see their empires crumble.

The airwaves are full of those whose "lives will not be worth living" now they no longer have the right to plunder the wealth of those who actually earn their money. The disabled who screamed for handicapped access to public transport, demanded equality, insisted every business in the land installed ramps, huge bogs, lifts, access, workplaces all at no cost to themselves now moan because a politician has dared to suggest they actually make use of the billions forcibly spent on them by actually getting a job, you know the jobs they DEMANDED under equality legislation.

The media is full of the vested interests of those who blatently admit the only reason they are employed by the State was to hit Fabian quotas for blacks, ethnics, LGBT or handicapped people in the workplace, regardless that a poor shelf stacker on £12K a year was forced to finance their position of diversity outreach officer to satisfy the Utopian dreams of Labours one party state.

When they kept you out it was because you were black; when they let you in, it is because you are black. That's progress? -- Marilyn French

Half a million council workers and Public "servants" (sic) are about to find that the world outside of their beloved socialist State is not the cosy garden they expected (that includes you, fat Maureen from the Braintree Council Tax office, with your "I AM the law mentality" to the people who pay your fucking wages). They are also about to find that real opportunity cannot exist within their collective.

Some will thrive. Free from the shackles, they will realise their dreams, whether that be by establishing businesses that actually watch the pennies or living a different dream where they actually contribute more than just a ticked box on some political agenda somewhere.

I wish them well. Slaves, be free. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Visit Eastern Germany for an example of what you can achieve when you decide you are your master, not the state.

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