Thursday, 7 October 2010

Roosting chickens coming home at last

Well, here it comes. After all the talk of cuts and the media hype, today saw a 3.6% drop in house prices, always a true indicator that times are going to get tough.

Wait, let me look again at that. It saw a 3.6% drop in house prices where large parts of the population are employed by...yes..the State. Always a true indicator when things are about to get tough for those who took the State silver shilling of a job for life, a fat pension and an easy life.

Where the private sector has scrapped final salary pensions, wage rises and job security, now those who fed so well from the taxpayer are going to have to bite the bullet as well.

Listen to the screams of the Union Barons. Watch the armies of middle aged pen pushers march against "cuts to front line services". I've said it before, I'll say it again. Addiction to public money and the subsequent withdrawal symptoms is a horrible thing to watch. The East Germans managed it and it took them 20 long years and yes, parts of East Germany will never have the wages or house prices of Munich or Hamburg. It is because they are shit and no company wants to relocate there, not some great conspiracy to eradicate the lower orders.

Today sees the leaders of the devolved Parliaments screaming for the cuts to stop. From Northern Ireland (where 70% work for the State) to the usual Welsh suspects (where the highest amount of those on benefits reside) all demanding that the UK taxpayer keep them supplied in useless jobs, bloated pensions, benefits for all, entitlements left and right. Socialist politicians realising that without handouts, they will be unable to bribe their voters with LCD TVs for the blind and mobility scooters for the housebound.

Will we see a drop in our standard of living? I do hope so. We have been living beyond our means for too long. Can you cook a meal from scratch without having to "source ingredients" from John Lewis? Could you walk three miles to work? Darn a sock? Sharpen a knife on a wet stone? Read a book? Change a fuse? Mend instead of spend?

When you hear the protests outside, it is not about the fear of starving to death or being homeless. It is the fear of missing Eastenders because you had to get the bus home instead of driving. It is the fear of disappointing the little ones by not buying them everything they see for Christmas. It is the fear of not being able to brag about the holiday in the Maldives or the trip to Disney Nanna so desperately wanted. It is the fear of not being able to buy the full Man Utd away kit or the iPhone 4.

The chickens are coming home to roost. The smart ones amongst us already know how to kill, pluck, draw and cook one. The rest will still be looking to useless career politicians to deliver piping hot chicken in a basket to their homes (but not whilst X Factor is on) on the never never and hope their grandchildren will be able to pick up the bill.

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