Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Risk, Loss, Justice

Arrest these thieves

Today saw the sentencing of a man who recklessly endangered the very hand that fed him, risking the entire venture for personal greed and vanity.

It mattered not to him that his actions risked the livelihoods of everyone. It mattered not to him that his plans of glory were based purely on his own vanity and his desire to be the master of all. It mattered not to him that he could lose the hard earned savings or wealth of millions. what mattered was him and HIS needs.

He has pleaded and will appeal that "no one stopped him" as he recklessly gambled billions. It is not "his fault", it was the fault of the millions who failed to stop him, even though he hid his actions from prying eyes.

If his appeal is unsuccessful, he will go to jail and it will take him 177,000 years to repay his debts. He will be a broken man who will never own more than the clothes he stands in. His life for all intents and purposes will be over. He will face the consequences of his actions. He will come face to face with his narcistic vanity for the rest of his miserable life. He will be jeered, despised, ridiculed. His neighbours will ignore him as a leper. He is an outcast. All because of his own self centred greedy actions and abuse of trust.

Strangely, as I sit and look at the debt my as yet unborn grandchildren face, the fact that they will be taxed on their labours to pay for the vanity of one man, I really, really can't help wanting to see the arrest and trial of one Gordon Brown, who instead, will retire on a golden pension and a millionaire.

No doubt, his defence would be identical to that of Jerome Kerviel. "No one stopped me, so I assumed it was ok". £4.8 TRILLION. Gold - vanished. Pensions of millions - vanished.

Rest assured. Very soon, we are going to start holding our politicians accountable. First, we must hold our citizens accountable. They must realise that their actions are not the fault of others and their failures are not to be blamed on others.

Then, and only then, can we start on the real criminals. The murderers, thieves and liars who rule us in Councils, Parliaments and Europe. And when they too claim that "no one said anything at the time" as a defence, we will shall have our justice.

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