Friday, 1 October 2010

the Postman knocks twice

A voting booth in Shoreditch

Or it would appear he does in Bradford, Oldham, Halifax and Tower Hamlets if Baroness Waarsi is to be believed.

Voting fraud is rife in the 3rd world. So rife that the last UK election was monitored by Bangladeshi officials who were shocked at how easy it is in this fine land. Postal votes, ghost voters, multiple voting, the lot. And of course, the bottom line is always the wish of religious communities strangled by UK leglislation from dictating how people must live their lives to dominate politically instead.

As an ex resident of East Sussex, I saw how fundamentalist Christian groups would install believers into positions of civic authority and then future recruitment would flow from the source to saturation point. Already we see the introduction of Halal food into council run supply chains regardless of whether the public requested it or not. Religious influence asserted where it was neither requested or sought.

Fraud is only the issue because the path to power of religious groups has been thwarted. Rightly so in my opinion. The next time you vote, I would advise looking very closely at the candidate instead of the Party. If it has a beard, look twice at the results.

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