Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Open thread on Cuts

The Radio Times

Well, what do we think?

Personally, I am delighted that those who choose to fuck about at school, not bother with a real education, break the law and generally sit about on the sofa all day are going to find life VERY hard over the next few years. Higher rents, to be paid by themselves, not me. Higher tuition fees, to be paid by them, not by me. No guarantee of a council house for life (paid for by me), no incapacity benefit for being too fat and lazy to work, no "right to work" for useless State penpushers, no more diversity coordinators and lesbian outreach workers....

Now the best bit.

Become self employed. Register a little company in Switzerland. Bank abroad, use a private doctor for the ordinary appointments, a private dentist for the check ups, don't bother registering to vote, don't bother to pay the TV licence, sort out a private pension (so you retire when you damn well like), save up a few pennies so when the housing market collapses you can snap up a few repossessed one bed flats in Jockland (which will always be used by the ginger Socialists to house their drunks at the cost of the taxpayer) and you'll become pretty much invisible to the hungry beast that is the State. The cuts won't affect you in the slightest.

And listen joyfully to the screams of the undeserving millions as at last they are weaned from the crack cocaine of the welfare state and the Fabian dream collapses in front of your very eyes

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