Sunday, 17 October 2010

MultiKulti ist vorbei

Ban this evil filth

An announcement that "Multiculturalism" has failed in Germany is no big surprise. Germans are fiercely proud of their heritage and traditions. Their two overwhelming ethics are "work" and "family" and they can justly boast one of the highest standards of living in the world by applying themselves to both

Not for them the teenage single mother on benefits with a halfling bastard offspring. Not for them generations who have never moved off the sofa in the direction of a job. Not for them Halal meat to be served to anyone fed by the State and not for them the concept that their country must be all things to all people.

I know, I lived there for 13 years. the German system broke me in the end and I fled back to a land where "anything that wasn't forbidden was allowed" instead of vice versa (which Labour then duly replicated with a manic zeal not seen since Post War East Germany)

The building of Mosques in the Ruhr, the endless asylum seekers from darkest Africa pouring over the porous borders of the EU for a chance to drive a Mercedes, the demands of Kurds, Afghans, Romanians, Roma or Albanians that Germany be changed into the third world shit hole that they fled from in the hope of milk and honey at the expense of a law abiding, hard working Bavarian has proved too much for the political system to take.

It takes to courage to hang on to what you have when others want to steal it from you. It is why we lock our cars, install burglar alarms, put barbed wire on the back fence and padlock our sheds, something the Germans have never needed to do. Until now.

I suspect the ringing of the alarm bells from a vandalised Germany can be heard all over Europe. Do not roll over and go back to sleep or you too will be facing a non alcoholic Oktoberfest where females and Schweinshaxe are banned in case a "visitor" who intends to stay is offended by you simply being German

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