Monday, 25 October 2010

Money for Old Rope

Well, well. Rather than risk rioting state slaves as our Gallic cousins are doing, our coalition has decided to head them off at the pass and hand out £14500 a year to any couple that makes it to retirement after a lifetime of paying eye watering taxes (and before they die, again paying eye watering taxes from the grave)

So we will see the laughable sight of Brenda and Phil Windsor popping down to Victoria post office to pick up their "hard earned" pensions with others who invested wisely, resisted the temptation to go down the pub every night, spend all their wages on scratchcards or visits to Disneyworld with Nanna. Naturally at the front of the queue will be the bloated wastrels who have never worked yet somehow managed not only to survive but acquire possessions your average third world citizen could only dream of.

Work hard while we tax you till your eyes bleed and you can have some money at the end of it all. Your money of course, or that of your grandchildren. Just keep voting for us and paying those taxes.

Don't demand a State pension for a life times hard work, demand to simply keep the money you earned out of the hands of greedy politicians instead.

all together now.. "come Mister Tallyman, tally me Banana, daylight come and me whan' go home"

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