Saturday, 2 October 2010

Here they come again - Witaj

Filthy immigrants, coming over here etc,..

Half a million Poles, unable to collect dole, unable to secure "social housing", unable to claim free meals, incapacity benefit or "back to work" grants in the UK now reside here in the UK and more are headed back .

Makes you wonder why our unemployed are incapable of picking potatoes or carrots, incapable of driving a van or stacking shelves, incapable of delivering milk or driving a bus, serving in a restaurant or cleaning an office.

I have no problem with immigrant labour that wishes to work, obeys the law and does not ask for their culture to be assimilated into my culture. I have no problem with immigrant labour that does not grasp entitlements from the state nor demands special status. I have no problem with people crossing borders in order to realise their ambitions lawfully.

I've also never seen a fat tattooed Polish landwhale pushing her halfling bastard offspring to the pub at lunchtime to spend the child benefit on crisps and alcopops.

Again: when you pay people to sit on their arses and watch telly all day, don't be surprised when they take up the offer

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