Monday, 11 October 2010

From the Wastelands

As you will know, I detest waste. Wasted opportunities, wasted effort and yes, wasted money.

Sir Phillip Greensteinberg has released his report which shows that all that lobbying by the vested interests that swarm over our corrupt Parliament have been rewarded well. The civil service and the unsackable mandarins who guard and spend our hard earned money (taken by force) have been living the good life to the tune of around £600 MILLION a year.

Bloated contracts, long lunches, flippant signing of purchase orders, little emperors lording over their fiefdoms with our money.

Sir Philip said: "The process is shocking. There's no reporting, there's no accountability."

He told Robert Peston: "You could not be in business if you operated like this. It would be impossible."

Add the huge bills of the millions of "public servants" doing nothing, the millions of wastrels watching Jeremy Kyle at our expense, the pointless wars, the endless announcements, committees, sub committees, steering groups, consultations.

And all to hold you and your children in slavery. All to ensure that the behemoth that IS the State can justify it's enormous and overwhelming existence in each and everyone of our daily lives. Red Ed couldn't resist the opportunity to make himself the most expensive British Politician in history as he committed each and every household in the land to a £700 a year tax on what we breathe out.

Buy gold, buy hard assets. Buy things the State cannot take from you and bury them safely because this beast is out for every single thing you have. Talk of fairness by this Mafia that IS Government makes me puke.

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