Wednesday, 6 October 2010

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Just get together, people make Government....Interesting

Right, time to add some bones to the above

I watched the speech, I've watched the twitterati (more concerned with Sam Cams dress) and I've read the reviews. It wasn't a great speech but then again, I'm not interested in words but deeds.

The Coalition has had 5 months since my glorious defeat in Cambridge to enact my manifesto and frankly, they are not doing badly. The Libdems are guarding my civil liberties as much as can be expected in 20 weeks and Cameron made all the right noises at his speech today. He did the one thing no other politician has done. He blamed the mess we are in on both Labour and....US.

And he's right. We allowed it to happen. We sat back and watched as trillions waas added to our crippling debts. We sat back and watched Socialists grab control of a banking system that was too big to fail. We sat back as our peers demanded even more intervention from the state, more benefits, more entitlements, more "rights". Of course it was going to end in tears.

And in holding us accountable, as much as the wastrel Brown spendfest, he is making a smart political move. Tories are playing down his speech because it was the most libertarian speech I have ever heard. Not what the party faithful wanted to hear at all. Before anything gets better, we have to accept that the State is not the friend of the individual. When the State controls the resources, the resources will be used to further the aims of the State, not the people.

5 months in and we have taken a couple of faltering steps. I suspect his masters and his party, along with an outraged public will see we take no more. Remember, when the slaves were emancipated, the two groups most unhappy about the deal were the slavemasters and the three meals a day, roof over our heads slaves.

Interesting times.

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