Thursday, 14 October 2010

Bonfire of the Blogs

We lose yet another blogger in a long list of libertarian daily reads as Anna Raccoon sadly retires and hangs up her broomstick and returns to a life of normality.

Top flight blogging requires tremendous amounts of energy and tremendous amounts of anger. Vast swathes of the day are spent chasing leads, researching truth, monitoring the every utterance of facebook, twitter, the media and other bloggers, all chasing that elusive story that will er...

and that's the point. What are we chasing? The downfall of Government? The arrest of ministers?

Certainly there is plenty of room for opinion blogs and they continue to flourish but the now mandatory target of three posts a day, all unique, all crafted to include wit, venom, facts and intellect, all trying to hit the imaginary deadline of "before someone else does" takes it's toll on us all. And guess what. We do it for free. No adverts, no late night appearances on Sky TV to review the papers, no columns in the media. We earn NOTHING for what is, in effect a full time job.

Labour gave us the ammunition in bucketfulls. It wasn't work, it was shooting fish in a barrel. The coalition just haven't been in power long enough to do the same and only time will tell what opposition we will muster or indeed if it is required.

I too am currently reviewing my commitment to the blogosphere. I have decided on my own little five year plan to enable me to stick two fingers up to government and all governance by others of MY life and unless I wish to reveal my real name and go hell for leather for a career as a political commentator (media whore), the finance required to live my life the way I wish to is not going to come through this little blog. I don't have the face for TV or the voice for radio to make the kind of money I need to build the retirement I want, rather than the one I will be handed, so I will be needing to concentrate hard on what I do best and that isn't blogging or political commentary.

With respect to Anna, we did not always see eye to eye but I suspect that she simply decided she had "done it" well enough to smile politely and withdraw. And two years after she started her little blog, she certainly made the dent on the blogosphere that we all aspire to do. I wish her retirement well. Like so many other things in her totally unconventional life, she has has earned it.

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