Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Welcome to the Priory Rehab Centre

Hear them scream, the bloated public sector. Hear their threats as they demand we the taxpayer do not reduce their ruinous demands for "just another quick fix of heroin".

The Police threaten civil disobedience if we dare to cut public funding to their "diversity" programmes or the ability to "retire on medical grounds" when caught killing innocent civilians.

Headmasters scream that the chiiiilllldddreeeeen will suffer if the extra 10% public funding they receive for labelling a child "stupid" is cut and the spoiled brat is simply told to get on with his work like the rest of the class without a hairy lipped sandalista being employed to make sure he can txt properly whilst threatening his teachers with a knife

Hear Dianne Abbott scream that "race relations" will suffer more by cutting public service jobs because they were the only people who would hire a black lesbian one legged Swahili translator fresh off the Asylum gravytrain from Calais

Hear the Unions scream as it dawns on them that the days of retiring to the Datcha by the sea in Cuba funded by our taxes is not going to happen and they will have to live like the rest of us

Addiction withdrawal is always painful, especially after 13 years of living in a crack den where socialists arranged daily visits to supply the wastrels it had created with yet another fix to ensure that they stayed in power.

We understand your pain, we understand your anxiety but until you are free of the slavery that is Socialism you will always chained to your dealer, begging for handouts, pleading for "just a little bit more, to see me through, I'll pay you back, honest"

Time to clean up, stand up and take responsibility for yourself, your family, your career and your life. Be your own master, control your own destiny and enjoy the freedom to earn what you want, own what you want and be the person you want to be. All of the things the dope dealing Socialist insists he can do better for you than you can. Saying "no, no, no" to rehab is not going to cut the ice anymore. If Castro can do it, so can you

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