Sunday, 12 September 2010

Turf Wars: Are we together Comrades?

It is an absolute pleasure to see unelected Union officials threatening "poll tax" riots if spending cuts in the public sector go ahead. "The workers won't stand for it, the disadvantaged won't stand for it, the vulnerable, the weak, the excluded, none of them will stand for it" says a six figure salaried thug who extracts money by menaces every week as he tries to threaten some other six figure salaried thugs in Government who extract money from everyone under threat of violence and imprisonment every week.

The Mafias are threatening each other over who gets to steal our money.

I hope the masses do rise up. They'd be right to. Why are we being expected - nay, forced under threat of violence to hand over the same money for public services that will be at least 25% less than under a Socialist Junta? Why are union "dues" not being cut by the same 25% to reflect the new order?

The answer is of course to drop public services by 25%, drop income tax by 25%, cut bureaucracy by 25% and remove 25% of the insane laws we are forced to live under by the Mafias of the state in their guise as "Government of the people".

Me? I'd settle for 90% less government, as long as I'm charged 90% less for it. The tens of thousands I'd save every year would buy me the best healthcare, life insurance and education the world has to offer.

So I am happy to stand with the Unions on this one, bruvvers, sisters, comrades. How dare they cut public services yet keep sending us the same bill?


From the comments:

Bob Crow (RMT) - £79,564 in salary, £26,115 in pension contributions, £13,013 expenses
John Hannett (USDAW) - £81,742 salary, £16,389 pension contributions
Billy Hayes (CWU) - £83,530 salary, £14,190 pension contributions
Sally Hunt (UCU) - £63,743 salary, £7,612 pension contributions, £2705 car benefit (start of June 2006 to end of May 2007)
Paul Kenny (GMB) - £81,000 salary, £21,000 superannuation (pension contributions), £8,000 car
Dave Prentis (Unison) - £92,187 salary, £23,603 pension contributions, £11,646 expenses and car benefit
Derek Simpson (Unite-Amicus) - £62,673 salary, £16,156 pension contributions, £13,333 car allowance, £26,181 housing benefit (Derek Simpson now receives nearly £200,000 in pay and benefits, with his pay package increasing 17 percent this year. He also has the right to stay in his £800,000 house in Hertfordshire until he dies, after which his partner will be able to remain there at a heavily subsidised rate.
Simpson, according the Times, demanded that the union subsidise his accommodation to "make it affordable" - a perk worth about £40,00, bringing his total remuneration to £194,252.)
Mark Serwotka (PCS) - £82,094 salary, £26,104 pensions contributions, £2,245 additional housing cost allowance and additional housing cost supplement
Steve Sinnott (NUT) - £99,846 salary, £23,963 pension contributions
Tony Woodley (Unite-TGWU) - £59,333 salary, £9,552 pension contributions, car fuel £3,360
Matt Wrack (FBU) - £66,389 salary, £44,281 pension contributions, £5,134 car

These are the people calling for civil disobedience? These are the people who wont suffer if we do?

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