Friday, 17 September 2010

Roma eunt domus

It is a pleasure to see the EU exploding over the decision by President Sarkhozy to put some illegally settling Roma back in the taxi to Romania and Bulgaria.

A little clarity. I am a "no borders, no passports" libertarian. I believe, as a human, I should be able to live and work anywhere on this planet unhindered by petty bureaucracy or "States" and indeed, I also believe the Roma have the same right. Impossible of course whilst we hand out welfare benefits and others don't (prove this by placing nothing in your garden and then a bowl of bird seed)

However, the explosion of outrage by the unelected Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding is a joy to behold.

In summary, the unelected EU decided to hold a party at France's house, printed invitations and sent them to Bulgaria and Romania. When a few rowdy pikey guests turned up, broke some vases and shat in the sink, the French said "hang on, you lot out", put them in a taxi, paid the driver, stuffed a few fivers in their top pockets and sent them home. The EU is furious of course. It holds the (self given) right to send invites to parties at anyones houses. It insists you throw open your doors to all and sundry.

The usual lefties over at Liberal Conspiracy are in uproar, spouting "law breaking French" etc whilst politely ignoring the fact that no one in France actually asked the EU to print any invites and didn't actually fancy hosting any parties. Germany managed to intercept the invites and stuffed them down the back of the sofa years ago when it embargoed 2 million Poles simply pouring over the border to get pissed years ago (something we missed as well)

"France signed up to it" they squeal. No, French Politicians signed up to it and are now taking the consequences of their actions. No referendum was held on the Lisbon Treaty so the French citizens had no chance to say whether they would like an army of pickpockets and big issue sellers to invade the Dordogne. Elections will tell whether Sarkhozy is doing what the French wish or not, not the unelectable EU.

I received a press release from the EU this morning that said:

Strasbourg, 17.09.2010 – Council of Europe Secretary General, Thorbjørn Jagland, in a meeting today with French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Pierre Lellouche, got full support for his initiative for action at the European level on issues related to the rights and obligations of Roma communities in Europe.

Jagland presented a catalogue of obligations to address what he described as “a complex pan-European issue that now needs concrete action”. The Secretary General proposes joint action between European Union, Council of Europe and their member states. “Together we have both the expertise and the resources, and the Council of Europe has the monitoring mechanisms that can ensure that obligations are respected” he said. French Secretary of State Lellouche expressed his full support for the Secretary General’s initiative.

The starting point for action will be Jagland’s initiative to hold a High Level Meeting on applicable Council of Europe and EU standards, which will also get the Council of Europe, the European Union and national governments working together. “It’s time now to move from words to action” Jagland said.

Roughly shoved through the bullshit filter, that appears to say

"Shit. We, the EU had better have some meetings. Can we please have some meetings France? We are supposed to be in charge, after all. Please?"

France is accused of breaking laws handed down by an unelected EU. Laws made by unelected bodies are not laws. They are diktats. There is no mechanism for us, the citizens to amend them. No redress, no ability to vote them down. And now, France and the French are beginning to learn that when you bow before a dictator in the hope of his benevolence, you may also incur his wrath. And the French have bowed very low indeed to the EU over the decades. Bring it on.....

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