Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Protect the Borders

With the noise being created about how much of our children's money we will spend on defending Female Genital Mutilation or forced marriages, I would like to express my opinion on our armed services and the requirements of my ideal state of affairs

Libertarians adore peace. Peace brings prosperity, trade, learning, science and advancement. for the individual. War does the opposite. Peace gives the individual the opportunity to live his life how he decides. War gives the State the right to send it's citizens to their death. I am not a pacifist however. I do believe that our armed forces should be used to defend our borders and our property, just as I believe I have the right to defend my borders and property from those who would take it from me by force.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Rwanda etc,. are not our problems. They may concern our heavily lobbied State politicians but they have nothing to do with the UK citizen looking to live his life in peace. It may suit the Israeli lobby for David Cameron to send thousands of troops to Afghanistan but it does not suit me or you. It may suit the Arms dealers for Britain to send billions in Aid to Africa but it does not suit a retiree living on a state pension in Reigate.

So I suggest armed neutrality. Like the Swiss, the Irish and the Swedes - all known barbarians, living under oppressive foreign regimes because they failed to have nuclear weapons or aircraft carriers (although the Swiss do have a rubber dinghy). With the exception of the bog trotters, neutral countries thrive, free from supporting large military forces or joining pointless murderous expeditions to prop up some regime favourable to another murderous regime somewhere else.

Secure our borders and nothing else. No more flag draped coffins arriving back from Shitistan, no more hand wringing as Africans perform genocide on each other using weapons we supplied to ensure that the diamond markets in Antwerp or Hatton Garden can continue to thrive.

Round up the home grown Islamists and shred their passports. Stamp out the religious bigotry from our Scottish and Pig eyed Mick cousins and live in peace by respecting each others wish to live unhindered by each other, and by the State.

No trident, no aircraft carriers, no nuclear tactical subs or jets. A border police that does what it says on the tin, a small national army, navy and airforce and a Territorial army in case of crisis. Leaders that tell other greedy despots to fight their own battles, no matter what "special relationships" might be in place. A root and branch investigation into the Lobbyists and vested interests that are placed high above your needs and wishes by the corrupt 650 in Parliament. and most of all, peace to live our lives as we see fit.

Our children will thank us.

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