Saturday, 11 September 2010

Internal Exile in the UK.

Remember when we used to listen to horror stories about the Soviets who weren't allowed to visit where they wanted without the correct papers? Trapped by a brutal authoritarian regime that refused them the freedom to simply move about?

Simon Frodsham, 41, who was educated at a fee-paying private school, had his ASBO imposed seven years ago and it has three more years to run.

Yesterday he appeared in court for breaching the order for the 26th time – by walking down his home town's high street in Lytham, Lancs.

"It is now going on for seven years since this ASBO was brought into effect. Since then my client has spent 99 per cent of his time in prison.

"He feels it is all unfair and unnecessary. As in the other cases of him breaching the ASBO there was no crime, no theft, no abuse no threats. He was merely walking.

Read the whole sorry tale here

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