Thursday, 2 September 2010

Dealing with the Mafia

I hate Albanians. They are without doubt the most corrupt nation in Europe, peddlers of underage sex slaves, gangsters, hoodlums and outright dangerous. Ask the Police of any European nation about the last 20 years and they will tell you that the Albanian mafia has laid waste the notion that underworld crime has any "honour" attached to it. The whole country is pretty much run as a Fiefdom by a mere 14 feuding families whilst their offspring wage bloody turf wars in our capital cities.

I was slightly surprised them to find that our masters in Brussels have been handing them OUR money hand over fist. €55 BILLION so far, presumably so that they may join the EU on equal terms.

Feel free to see how much of YOUR money, (extracted under pain of violence or imprisonment of course, in true Mafia style) is spread amongst the "needy" throughout the world.

EU Grants

Off Topic, but a quick chat with Fat Poof Mrs Dale and myself on LBC Radio earlier

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