Saturday, 11 September 2010

the Cuckoos in the nest

So, for clarity, let me recap

  • The head of Communications of our elected Government is a non elected Murdoch thug.
  • None of our elected representatives will tackle the actions of the unelected Christian Fundamentalist Oligarch Rupert Murdoch in case he turns his attentions to their seedy deeds and personal lives and exposes them to us, the voters - Cowards
  • The Police will not intervene because the unelected Christian Fundamentalist oligarch will do the same to them and expose them to us, their employers - Cowards
  • The Police are powerless, our MPs are powerless and our Parliament is powerless to protect us against the wishes and aims of a Christian Fundamentalist Oligarch based in New York - because they are nothing but self serving cowards

Remind me again why we need the State? Remind me again why you and I are forced to live under hundreds of thousands of worthless laws? Remind me again why the State relieves us of nearly £1 TRILLION of our own money every year under threat of violence and imprisonment? Remind me again why we are fighting these endless wars?

A message to the 650 elected Members of Parliament. Be warned. 15 years ago, there was no "internet", we did as we were told, paid our taxes and listened to your lies. We were unorganised peasants, wage slaves and unionised sheep grasping for snippets from the real world via Private Eye or dissident ex spies. The next 15 years of free information and cooperation by us, the people are going to expose more State treachery, deceit, coertion, manipulation, extortion, corruption and abuses of power than any of us can imagine.

If you choose to take our money and be a part of all of the above filth, expect no mercy from all 61 million of us when we finally decide the time to act is upon us. We are watching every single one of you. Always.

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